From security monitoring to film shooting, people have found out several uses of drone cameras. According to the recent reports, now the drone cameras will be used for planting trees. Massive deforestation has been carried out in various parts of the globe to serve the purpose of large-scale industrialization. According to an estimate, we are cutting down around 15 billion trees in a year and planting only about 9 million trees. So, to fill the gap of 6 million trees, a UK based company Bio Carbon Engineering is planning to plant trees with the help of a drone manufacturer company, Parrot.

Process of Planting

Step 1

The first phase of planting includes an aerial survey. A drone will scan the topography of the area and create a 3D map. This mapping will help in finding the most efficient planting pattern.

Step 2

After the collection of the topographical data, the engineers would generate a seeding plan. They will choose the best-suited seeds according to the environmental conditions of the terrain.

Step 3

The drones will carry pressurized canisters of seedpods with germinated seeds dipped in the nutrient rich gel. The software of these drones will monitor the planting process.

Step 4

The drone will hover over the chosen area and shoot the seedpods to the ground. The impact of the shooting will break the pods and allow the seeds to germinate in the ground.

Step 5

After the plantation, the drone will evaluate the growth and health of the plants. This monitoring will help in removing all the obstacles in the process of plant growth.

The company has plans to grow one billion trees at the rate of one plant per second. According to Bio Carbon Engineering, this process of precision forestry is extremely efficient. The maximum planting capacity of human is around 3000 seeds a day, but the drone can drop 36,000 seedpods per day. The plus point of planting by a drone is that they can fly to the areas that are beyond human reach. The company will start testing phase in Myanmar along with its partner Worldview International Foundation in September this year.

The problem of mass deforestation requires the immediate attention of authorities across the globe. Each year, we are deforesting thousands square miles of land. The only way to deal with the issue of deforestation is by the counteraction of massive forestation. According to geographer Douglas Morten, tropical deforestation plays a significant role in the recent concerns of climate change. Hence it is imperative to save the forest and this new technology will not only save the forestland but generate employment as well.