Plants in the garden face extreme climatic conditions and water problems. Such challenging weather conditions obstructs their natural growth. To avoid these unfavorable conditions, choosing to grow native plants in your garden is a wise idea. It saves the human efforts, helps the environment and local wildlife. If you are thinking to introduce Australian native plants in your garden, here we are providing you with a list of such plants. They are easy to grow in gardens and can withstand drought conditions.

Kangaroo Paw

Kangaroo Paws are known for their unique quality of attracting birds. Different species of Kangaroo Paws are native to southwestern Australia. You can plant their seeds in pots in the spring or summer season; they grow best in the moist and well-drained soil. When kept indoors, expose them to plenty of indirect natural sunlight for better nourishment and growth. Kangaroo paws are divided into two groups- short and tall plants. Short plants grow well in pots and produce flowers all year round in warmer climates. They survive for a short time and are vulnerable to fungal diseases. Tall plants can withstand a broad range of soil and climatic conditions and produce many flowers in summer and spring.

Giant Lilies

Giant Lilies grow in Sydney, Melbourne, Adelaide, Perth, and Brisbane. They grow best in cooler areas and produce beautiful red flowers, which attracts the nectar feeding birds. Giant Lilies can grow up to three meters tall and has the sword like leaves to provide structural support. They require deep, well-drained soil and full natural sunlight for best growth. These lilies are buried up to half a meter in the soil that allows them to survive drought and wildfire. Giant Lilies are low maintenance and grow best in large backyards or garden.

NSW Christmas Bush

This species is found in New South Wales and blooms along the east coast of Australia. NSW Christmas Bush can be planted in a pot or the ground. They enjoy full sun or partial shade and grows best in sandy, well-drained soil. NSW Christmas Bush grows up to the height of 3-4 meters and 1.8-3 meters wide. These are the native evergreen shrub that has cream flowers in springs and turns red by the time of Christmas.

Golden Wattle

Golden Wattle- Australia’s national flower has large yellow flower heads that bloom in the spring season. They grow underneath the larger trees in Australian woodland and forests. These are the fastest growing plants but live for a short time. The Golden Wattle grows well in acidic or neutral soil and requires well-drained soil. They can withstand droughts and need full sunlight for the better growth.

Happy Wanderer

This species grows widely in various parts of Australia throughout the winter and spring season. Happy Wanderers are the perfect plants to decorate the walls, pillars, fences, and doors of the house. They grow best in free draining soil and enjoys full sunlight or light shade. These plants can reach up to the height of 3 meters, and the growth is quite fast. Some varieties are vulnerable to frost damage, so they are required to be planted in a semi protected spot. It has purple flowers but is also available in pink, mauve and white varieties.

The information mentioned about the different native Australian plants can be quite useful if you are planning to grow them in your garden or pots inside the house.