Have you ever imagined a life without friends? Yes, that could be quite lonely and boring. At different stages in life, we come across several people and end up becoming friends with the ones whose vibes match ours. Nowadays, when our lives pretty much revolve around the social networking sites, everyone has hundreds of friends. Being surrounded by many friends in person and through technology often makes us think how many out of them our real friends are. Here are a few qualities that can help you determine who your true friends are.

How Do They Treat You?

Real friends are the ones who treat you well in spite of the occasional arguments and fights. They always care and stay loyal, and try to make you feel comfortable in every situation. Your secrets are always safe with these friends.

Do They Support You In Hard Times?

True friends will always stick by you through thick and thin. Be it any problem in life; they are always around to comfort and cheer you up. They are your family away from home, who are always there to lend that extra support in difficult times.

Do You Enjoy Their Company?

If the presence of these friends fills your heart with joy and you cherish going out and doing fun activities with them, for sure, they are your best buddies. Each moment spent with these people is cherished as the sweet memories forever.

Do They Trust and Understand You?

Trust and Understanding are essential requirements of any relationship. If you trust the people whom you call friends and they know you better than other people, never lose them. They are the ones who will never question your actions and have faith in you come what may.

Can You Share Your Thoughts With Them?

One of the incredible virtues of close friends is they connect at a deeper level. You can share the heart to heart conversations with your close friends and expect them to understand your feelings.

Do They Accept You For The Person You Are?

You have the independence to show your true self to your best friends, and they will accept you without any restrictions. You don’t have to pretend to be perfect or hide your flaws from them, and they will always love and admire you for who you are.

Are They Honest To You?

One of the finest ways to gauge a real friendship is its honesty. Do you think your friends are honest with you about your actions? Do they offer the honest feedback for whatever you do and help you in becoming a better person? If the answer to the above questions is yes, then you are lucky to be surrounded by good friends and never let them go.

Real friends are hard to find, but once you find them, life becomes blissful. So cherish a true friendship in life and let it bloom under the shadow of love and trust.