With the easy access to smartphone cameras and digital cameras, everyone is obsessed with taking photographs. Social media is full of pictures of ordinary people, celebrities, beautiful locations, etc. Images have become an integral part of telling stories, illustrating facts and describing situations. But there is a dark secret behind the amazing pictures available on the Internet; they might be forged. Photoshop is the standard tool used by people to create fake images. It works so smartly that people can hardly distinguish the fake pictures from the real ones. Every day we come across thousands of images which are not entirely original, some objects were added or removed to make them look eye-catching. Here are few easy ways to spot the fake pictures.

Visual Scrutiny

Even a Photoshop genius is not capable of entirely manipulating the image without leaving single evidence behind. If you have an eye for detail and you know what you are looking for, then you will be able to discover how authentic an image is.

Too Good To Be True

Nature is beautiful in its own way. Sometimes people try to manipulate the colors and lighting in the landscape images, which make them so surreal that they look too good to be true. These types of images can be easily spotted, no matter how well they are modified.

Lighting and Shadows

Try to have a closer look at the objects in a photograph and notice the way lights falls on them or how they cast shadows. Genuinely, objects lying close to each other are supposed to receive same light. If the objects illuminate differently, they are probably taken from different pictures and put into one. All you have to do is look carefully and observe wisely.

Low-Quality Images

Sometimes you see that a particular area in a picture appears to be of low quality and the rest of the parts look fine. Those areas might be Photoshop, which reduced the quality of their pixels. Ignorantly, people may blame it on the low-quality camera, but you need to look deeply to notice that the quality is not reduced evenly.

 Curved Surfaces

You might notice in some photos that the flat surfaces are curved or bent. Flat surfaces do not bend to occupy the curve of any body or object. It is probably an act of Photoshop where figures are adjusted to look more attractive that tends to distort the shape of the flat surface around them. You can simply trace these mistakes in modified images.

Take the Help of Online Tools

Many web applications can find out if a particular image is real or fake. Foto Forensics uses the Error Level Analysis technique to find out the parts of a picture added to it after editing. Through the reverse google search, you can find the source of a photo on Google. Izitru lets you upload a picture and verifies through several tests whether it is modified or not.

So next time you doubt the integrity of a picture you can use the ways mentioned above to find out if it is real or not.