Wildlife plays an important role in maintaining Earth’s eco system. But during the past two centuries we have noticed a major fall in the number of many species that includes Tigers, Polar bear, Rhinoceros, Porpoise, Asian elephant, African elephant, etc. Though many conservationist have tried to rescue animals from extinction but good government policies and public support is still needed.

Giant and infamous wild species such as Asian and African elephant are rapidly decreasing in numbers. Due to negligence elephant species is on the brink of extinction. Elephants who have served human of ancient times in wars and play an important role in maintain our eco system. In Asia, elephants have been a part of human economies, culture and religion. In Hindu religion of India elephants are worshipped as a symbol of peace and prosperity. People of ancient Asia used to travel on elephants and elephants were seen as a symbol of royalty. Elephants were also being used for trade in ancient times. This giant, immensely strong and people friendly species was a part of Asian culture. But due to increasing human population, lack in animal habitant and negligent government policies this giant species in on the brink of extinction.

According to reports, there is an 80 percent of decrease in the number of elephants in the past two decades. In 1930, elephant population was recorded around 5 to 10 million in Africa which by 1979 have reduced to only 1.3 million. This rapid decrease in the population of elephants is a serious threat to their existence. Whereas in Asia, during the 19th century the elephant population was recorded an estimated 200,000 which by now have decreased to only 35 to 40 thousands. The Asian elephant species is widely outspread in “Southeast Asia from India and Nepal in the west to Borneo in the East.”1

Let us dwell into the reasons of extinction of this giant species;

  1. Rapid increase in human population which results into acquiring more space and leaving less private space for animals.
  2. Change of climate.
  3. Fragmented and dwindling animal habitant.
  4. Shrinking of forest.
  5. Government and crowd negligence.
  6. Poaching of elephants for ivory.
  7. Extraordinary increase in unnatural deaths of animals due to accidents, hunting, disease etc.
  8. Reduction in proper medical treatment and less private zones for animals.

Thus, the above reasons are serious threat to elephant existence. Actions that can be taken to save this species from extinction includes; public awareness, strict implication of government policies, proper medical attention and help, steps for reduction of animal deaths caused by railway accidents, say no to poaching and hunting, boycott of clothes or material made from animal skin.

It is a humble request to all the people out there to play their part in reduction of animal extinction. This Earth belongs to all and its eco system requires the presence of other species too to get it going.