In the 21st century, human beings are shaping their future with the help of technology and getting closer towards development. But on the contrary, the misuse or improper use of technology is proving to be quite harmful to the humankind. In this fast changing world of technology, we see every month a new model of mobile phone, laptop or tablet appears on the market. People replace their old electronic devices and gadgets with new models just within the span of a few months. But has anyone ever wondered what happens to their old electronic devices? Where do they end up? Most of the e-waste ends up in landfills throughout the world that affects the environment severely.

Every year tons of e-waste is thrown away that contains toxic chemicals like cadmium, lead, arsenic, mercury, and flame retardants which contaminate the air, soil and drinking water. It is quite hazardous for all kinds of living beings. A large quantity of e-waste is shipped to Asian and West African countries where they are burned for scrap in the garbage dump. People working in these scrap yards are unaware of the fact how toxic these chemicals are for their health.

The global consumption of electronic devices is increasing at a fast rate, and every year we create more e-waste than before. We need to fix the e-waste issue before it’s too late. Reduce the purchases of new electronic devices and think wisely before buying any new electronic gadget. You don’t need to buy a new mobile phone just because an upgraded model is available in the market. Buying less electronic devices is healthy for the environment and saves you from the unnecessary expenditure. You may have some old electronic gadgets like mobile phones, laptops or tablets resting in the cupboard which you don’t use anymore. Give it to your family members or friends who need those gadgets so that they can be reused instead of getting wasted. You can also donate these unused devices to NGO’s, charitable organizations, or community centers.

It sometimes happens that your laptop’s CD drive or keypad breakdown or a physical part of mobile phone stops working properly; instead of buying new devices get the current one repaired. It may require extra efforts to repair the electronic devices, but it saves your hard-earned money and is useful for the environment too. The e-waste we dispose of contains some toxic materials as well as valuable resources. We can recycle the unused electronic devices to recover valuable materials for reuse and dispose of the toxic elements correctly. There are many locations available in different countries where people can take their e-waste to recycle it.

Reducing the e-waste is a collaborative responsibility of both consumers and manufacturers. The export limit should be put on electronic manufacturers, and proper repair facilities should be provided to the consumers at affordable prices. Consumers should refrain or delay purchasing new electronic devices or gadgets until they are required and make sure that the older devices are resold or recycled properly. The government should take strict measures and make laws for regulating the electronic waste in the country.