The world is beautiful so are we then why should we limit ourselves to certain things. There are lot of things that this world/ nature, naturally offers us and one of them is adventure. Though, adding adventure to life sounds cool but only few have the guts to do so. God has gifted man with infinite capabilities all we got to do is to explore them, to learn who we are and what we can be. The only thing that stop us from realizing our natural infinite self is fear; fear of losing, fear of coming out of our comfort zones, fear of exploring.

Guys it high time that we should realize who we are and what we can be. One might think why we should try something that we fear of if we are already leading a comfortable life. The answer to this question is very practical, one should always try to do something that he is afraid of to know his capability of doing, to know what he can achieve when he step out of his comfort zone. The feeling of trying something new in itself is very refreshing, it boosts up your confidence, and the experience leaves you mesmerizing, feeling altogether new and refreshing.

Too many of us are not living our dreams because we are living our fears.” – Les Brown

To live this refreshing experience I present to you seven ways to conquer your fears;

Start with basic exercises, sleep and diet; it has often observed that people with bad diet, deprivation of sleep and who perform no exercises are more prone to mental diseases than people who watch their diet, have a good sleep and keep themselves healthy by exercise. Our mental well-being is inevitably dependent upon our physical well-being. If we keep ourselves healthy through diet, sleep and exercise we naturally start becoming positive towards life resulting in tackling our fears with courage and right mind set.

Meditation: meditation can change our lives for the better. Meditation has the properties which relaxes our mind as well as our body. All our major fears reside in our mind only hence to tackle them or to overcome them one needs to refresh his mind, to have control over his thoughts. When bad thoughts rule over right ones, life become miserable, one gets confused every time he tries to do something new, therefore to explore ourselves and our hidden capabilities we need to train our mind in the right direction and meditation is the best way to achieve this goal.

Start with your smallest fears; do not directly jump on conquering biggest fears start with the smaller ones. For example, if one have fear of mountaineering, one should not directly try mountaineering rather he/she should first develop a connection with hills, nature, mountains, cold weather etc. Hire a good trainer who can teach you about your strengths and help you overcoming your weaknesses, provide you full freedom to enhance your capabilities.

Surround yourself with positivity; negative people and negative thoughts often supress your inner strength and your ability to achieve something good and big. Negativity always pulls you down whereas positivity always inspires you to achieve big and fly high. Add positivity in your life by reading inspirational novels, practicing yoga and meditation and surround yourself with people who have positive impact on your life, who unconditionally love you and inspire you to become what you want to be.

Challenge yourself; do not put yourself in competition with others, rather put yourself in competition with yourself. Always try to become better from what you are today. Have determination and faith towards your goals. Never let others judgements brake you. Keep your head high, believe in your capabilities and you are all set to achieve what you want.

Set goals and never let anyone belittle you; set your goals, think what you want, explore different ways of achieving your goals. Put yourself in front of your fears never let your fears rule you instead rule them and conquer them. Do not see yourself from the eyes of other rather see yourself in the light of your full capacities and capabilities.

Come what may never get shaken by difficulties; difficulties always try to shake you from achieving your desired goals but you have to overcome them like a true warrior. You have to make yourself stronger in the face of fears that hinder you from conquering your fears.

Keep your fears aside, conquer them and feel the newness of life.