Technology is changing our world every day. Just a few years back we haven’t heard of the technical jargon we commonly use now. It has made our world more organize and convenient, but in the world of technology sky is the limit. Each time the techies come up with new technology, the convenience it brings along makes us fall for it. The year 2017 is not behind in displaying the future trends of technology. Here are the top technology trends of the year.

Artificial Intelligence

You might have seen a science fiction movie on Artificial Intelligence but thanks to technology evolution, it is going to be a reality. Artificial Intelligence will bring more automation in each area of mechanics. With the help of robotic interventions, the artificial intelligence will assist companies in making better decisions.


The Blockchain is a digital register of financial transactions that can be automated to trace not just the monetary transaction but virtually everything that has a value. It was formerly developed for the digital currency, but techies are finding a new use for it. Blockchain technology stores blocks of information that are identical across its network.

Cloud Technology

The second half of 2017 will see the migration towards cloud technology for various business processes like data storage, bookkeeping, accounting, etc. This migration will streamline the business functions, increase competency and reduce hosting expenditure. The cloud technology allows accessing the real-time data from anywhere across the devices. This imminence of the information and data will assist in the better decision-making.

Electric Vehicles

Electric Vehicles may have a small share in the auto market, but the experts are forecasting a huge expansion in the market share. According to experts, the electric vehicle will have a share of around 35% in the auto market by 2040. These cars have lesser parts than the internal combustion engine; hence the repair and maintenance will be less costly than the contemporary fuel engine. The fuel availability and prices will also encourage people to switch over from fuel vehicles to the electric vehicles.

Internet of things

The tech savvy people hear a lot about conversational systems. The Internet of things is a technology through which all our technical devices will be connected to each other and can operate through a single control for a continuous digital experience. We can connect all the equipment through Internet of things, and these devices can exchange information for the better-automated coordination.

Virtual Reality

We all have witnessed how gaming technology has evolved in the last two decades. The urge of improving the gaming experience gave birth to virtual reality. This technology will not just provide a visual experience but also transform your world, and with the help of VR systems, it will create an alternate reality. As of now, the gaming designers are the primary consumers of Virtual reality systems, but now techies from other areas are also looking forward to incorporating this technology.

So these are the trends that are revolutionizing our experience and bringing a better tomorrow for us. In the coming time, there will be startups creating new business either using or expanding these technologies. Investors can earn a huge share of profit by investing their capital in these promising areas of technology.