During the holiday and festive season the rate of consumption of alcohol gets strikingly double every year. Alcohol has become a part of our life, from celebration to in grief, alcohol became the only drink drinkers assert to. Alcohol generally refers to ethanol or ethyl alcohol. In the West, alcohol is a part of people’s daily beverages while in Asia people are still doubtful about its usages. Though, consumption of alcohol is not considered good in some parts of Asia but it has made its place in the regular beverages of people across the globe.

Those who are alcohol lovers and also those who are still in doubt regarding its consumption, I bring you 5 advantages and disadvantages of drinking alcohol;

Advantages of Wine;

Red Wine; not all form of alcohol is bad provided that it is used or consumed in moderation. There are many health benefits attached to the consumption of red wine which includes lowering blood pressure, keeping heart healthy by reducing heart diseases and inflammation. According to a science research, red wine contains resveratrol, a powerful antioxidant which protects against age related mental illness and also acts as a guard against cell damage. The consumption of red wine is good for health only if it is consumed in moderation every day.

White Wine; another kind of wine whose consumption benefits our health is white wine. Just like red wine, white wine too contains antioxidants that prevents heart diseases. According to a health magazine, Livestrong.com, white wine contains lower liver fat percentages hence its moderate consumption will not make you fat.

Stress Buster; this is one of the most commonly known benefit of alcohol. Consumption of alcohol relieves mind from tension that one build up during day activities. Hence, consumption of alcohol in night helps the drinker to relieve his mental tension and relaxes the tissues of brain.

It can actually add years to your life; yes, you read it right, according to researchers, moderate consumption of alcohol can lengthen your life by reducing the chances of death by 18 percent. According to Catholic University of Campobasso, consumption of less than four and two drinks per day for men and women respectively can lengthen their chances to live longer. But to avail this benefit consumption of alcohol must be limited to maximum two and four glasses for women and men.

Provides relaxed sleep and increases appetite; the sedative effect of alcohol is very common and everyone knows about it. Due to its sedative effect alcohol provides better sleep. Moderate consumption of alcohol gives rise to blood flow to the stomach and gut which rises hunger and thereby boosts food consumption.


Increases fat; heavy consumption of alcohol increases fat in body as it contains 7 calories per gram without any serving any nutrient. Hence, heavy consumption of alcohol can lead to weight gain.

Binge drinking can increase blood pressure; no matter how moderately you drink alcohol on week days if you drink heavily in the week ends all the benefits of moderate drinking vanishes. Binge drinking not only vanishes the benefits of moderate drinking but also increases high blood pressure and increases the chances of getting heart stroke.

Unhealthy for Pregnant Women; doctors strictly advise pregnant women to give up alcohol completely during pregnancy as it has bad effects on the unborn baby inside the womb.

Gives rise to liver abnormalities; Binge drinking effects our liver badly. It causes major liver abnormalities that also effects other organs of the body especially the skin as it causes facial redness.

Causes hallucinations and delusion; heavy consumption of alcohol give rise to psychosis which causes severe mental that includes hallucinations and delusion. A binge drinkers often suffers from hallucinations and delusions which makes them difficult to comprehend reality from imagination.

Given the above points, alcohol is not bad for health only if it is consumed moderately. Binge drinking can lead to various diseases if not stopped on time. Stay healthy, drink healthy.