Today, fashion is not just restricted to gorgeous and expensive dresses. It has become the way of expressing oneself, getting creative and playing around with the conventional dressing. Fashion is something we deal with every single day of our lives. If we observe carefully, we will understand that fashion trends have evolved a lot over the time. Every season new trends emerge in the market, be it the clothing, footwear or accessories. Fashion trends affect the society in different ways and have both positive as well as negative impact on it. Let’s have a look at how fashion affects our society.

Positive Impact of Fashion

  • Every year new designs and collections appear in the fashion market that attracts people to buy them to look attractive and stay ahead in the game of style and glamor.

  • Designers get the opportunity to put their innovative fashion ideas and designs to use and bring something new and unique to the table.

  • With the ever-changing fashion trend, countless employment opportunities arise in the apparel sector, every year.

  • Fashion is one of the best ways to express yourself. It gives you the opportunity to be who you are and show it to the world through your fashion sense. It also enhances one’s appearance and overall personality that puts good impression over the people.

  • Fashion is beyond caste and religion that speaks only one language and connect people from all over the world.

  • Fashion gives you the opportunity to make a career out of it and enhance your knowledge about the vast fashion industry.

Negative Impact of Fashion

  • Fashion at times makes people spend unnecessarily that affects their financial budget.

  • Young people are the soft targets of the fashion world. They play with the minds of the youth that make them pay more attention to fashion and be less attentive in their studies and career.

  • Fashion projects the concept of being skinny to look good in stylish clothes. It deeply affects the mind of young boys and girls who try to achieve thin body stats by eating less and avoiding essential elements in their diet. These eating disorders sometimes lead to physical and mental health issues, such as anorexia, malnutrition, suicide, etc.

  • Fashion communicates in different ways that materialistic things like clothes and accessories are the most important ones in life. It sends the wrong message to people, and they waste much of their time in improving their outward appearance than the inner–self.

  • In many ads and films, women are highly objectified in the name of fashion and glamor, just to sell some products. It portrays the women as a commodity ready to be consumed and tarnish their image in the society.

Fashion is everywhere around us existing in different figure and size. It is impossible to keep yourself away from the ever-changing fashion trends and to experiment with them. Always remember, fashion is for the convenience of the human being, do not let it make you its slave!!