Women have a love-hate relationship with heels. They often find it hard to wear high-heeled shoes for a longer time because of the pain and discomfort it causes. But the attractiveness they add to women’s persona makes it their first choice for the workplace, conferences, parties, and many other special occasions. The famous American actress, Marilyn Monroe once said; “I don’t know who invented high heels, but all women owe him a lot.” And we believe all the ladies out there second to that. Heels are not just a fashion item for females, but a medium to feel empowered and express their sensuality. Let’s have a look at the various reasons why women love to wear high heels.

Enhances the Height

The primary purpose that heels fulfill is increasing the height of the wearer. It is the most popular reason why women prefer heels all around the globe. A woman who has a tall partner likes to wear heels to match up to his height. Even the shorter girls can easily wear long outfits like party gowns or evening dresses by wearing heels below them. They enhance the charm of every outfit and complete them. They come in different heights and shapes, so women of different heights can choose the pair of heels that works best for them.

Accentuate the Figure

When a woman wears heels, it makes her feet look longer and leaner. The muscles of the calves shorten, and the thighs tighten that make the body look toned. Heels augment the appearance of women by lifting their bottom and highlighting the feminine curves. It provides the legs, feet, butts, and chest fuller shape by re-aligning the whole body, which accentuates the figure of women.

Increases the Feminine Appeal

Heels increase the feminine appeal of women more than any other shoe. When women wear heels, they pay more attention to their walk and try to look more presentable. It makes women sway their hips and take shorter walks. Due to which more stressed is given on butts and legs that boost overall feminity of women. Besides, heels help in increasing the oomph factor of women and make them attractive to men.

Boost the Confidence

Wearing high heels can make the women feel confident in many ways. Heels enhance the height and help short women look tall that provides them an extra dose of confidence. Being tall gives you the opportunity to look into the eyes of people during the conversation that portrays your image as an assertive individual. Heels can enhance the look of any outfit and make a woman look more attractive that increases her confidence at various occasions.

Draws Attention

There is no doubt about the fact that women who wear high heels get more male attention than those who wear flat shoes. Various surveys and researches have proved that men get more attracted to the women wearing high heels and are interested in talking to them. The sexiness that heels add to women’s personality draws men towards them. Even women draw many compliments for the stylish heels from their female friends.

To wear heels or not to wear them is the personal decision of every woman. It does require a little extra effort to stay in high heels all day long, but the elegance it adds to one’s appearance is unbeatable.