According to a recent research published in June 21 issue of the Journal of the American Heart Association, breastfeeding may reduce the risk of heart strokes in women by 10 percent. The study shows that breast feeding can be proved good for heart. This claim comes from researchers who conducted a research on 3,00,000 women in China. The researchers discovered that mothers who had breast fed their child are up to 10 percent secure against developing heart diseases as compared to mothers who never breast fed.

During the study, researchers have found that breast- feeding can lower the risk of heart diseases and stokes in women who breast feed. According to the team of the researchers “these recent findings suggests that interventions to increase the likelihood and duration of breast feeding could have persistent benefits to maternal cardiovascular health”. According to previous researches breastfeeding can also help in reducing the extra weight that moms gain during pregnancy. It is generally conceived that breast feeding have good effect on moms heart. And this recent research adds logical claim to this view.

Breast feeding not only helps the infants by reducing the risk of asthma and allergies in them, but it also helps moms by releasing the hormone oxytocin which helps the uterus to return to its normal size or pre- pregnancy size. This new research is based on the study of researchers who collected data from around 300,000 Chinese women between the age of 30-39 based on their medical history, life style and the duration of their breast feeding. These women on which the test has been conducted were followed up for eight years and researchers have found that moms who breast fed had a 9 percent lower risk of heart disease and 8 percent lower risk of heart attacks compared to those moms who never breast fed. The researchers have also found that moms who breast feed for nearly two months or more had 18 percent lower risk of developing heart disease and up to 17 percent lower heart strokes. In this finding the researchers also have also taken into account the other factors which can affect women’s heart such as smoking, blood pressure, obesity and diabetes.

However, the study was conducted only on Chinese women and the lifestyle and eating habits of Chinese women differs from others women in the world. For example, Australian, American and Asian women have different lifestyle and eating habits, hence the finding of the research may differ in them. but the overall research shows the positive benefits of breast feeding in women.