Yoga as it is conceived widely is not simply exercising your body; it is an art of refreshing, strengthening as well as relaxing your mind and body. Yoga is not only comprised of some āsanas or postures it is a healthy way to connect your body with your soul through performing some physical exercises. Yoga without meditation is incomplete because the whole purpose of yoga is not just keeping your body healthy but also refreshing your mind through meditation.

Yoga is a 5000 year old Indian practice or discipline which paves the way for mental as well as physical purification of the being. In today’s world people have become more and more exhausted, mental illness such as hypertension, depression, etc., have become very common. Yoga is an all in one solution for all your mental as well as physical illness. Yoga cures almost every kind of illness that has troubled the human kind. The benefits of Yoga and meditation are long term and inevitably refreshing for mind and body. Yoga along with meditation paves the way for a healthy physical and balanced mental life. Yoga and meditation have numerous benefits some of which I have listed below;

  1. Stress buster Anjali mudra (salutation seal); it is one of the most easy yet effective posture for reducing stress. It can be practiced anywhere and anytime. It is performed by joining both your hands in the center of our heart. It is a meditative process which signifies the balance and harmony between both our hands that reunites at the center of our chest. The best time to practice is in the morning after you wake up.
  2. Balasana (child pose) for relaxing and stretching your body; child pose is very efficient and easy exercise for relaxing your muscles as well as relieving stress. It also helps in relieving lower back pain, hip strain, shoulder and neck stiffness. This posture helps in relieving mental and physical strain from your body.
  3. Ardhachandrasana (half- moon pose) for fat lose; now you don’t have to sweat out your extra calories in gym by paying high gym fees. You can reduce your fat at home by performing this posture. This pose is very effective in toning your buttocks, upper and inner thighs. Avoid this posture if you have digestive problem, high blood pressure or a spine injury.
  4. Tadasana (mountain pose) for reducing belly fat; it is a warm up pose which makes your body ready for other poses. It improves blood circulation, improves posture, tones and strengthens thighs and knees, buttocks. Avoid this posture if you have low blood pressure, insomnia and frequent headaches.
  5. Malasana ( garland pose or yoga squat); it is very beneficial for opening hips and groins. It helps in stretching ankles, back, neck and lower hamstrings. It also tones your abdominals and improves your metabolism. It is a great pose for keeping your overall body healthy.
  6. Halasana (plough posture); it is a great pose for correcting posture, it also helps in relaxing the nerves, reduces tension in the neck and back. Effective in stretching the ligaments and muscles in the calves and thighs.

Practice these yoga postures for a healthy and stress free life.

Caution; perform these yoga under the supervision of yoga expert nearby your home.