A woman is one of the most beautiful creatures created by God. She is someone who deserves the highest respect in our society. She is blessed with different virtues like compassion, love, capacity to endure and the list can be endless. It would be no exaggeration to say that it is a woman who adds meaning to life. She plays different roles- as a mother, a wife, a sister, a daughter, a friend and is a great source of inspiration.

As a mother

Someone has aptly said that God couldn’t be everywhere and hence he created Mother. She not only gives birth to you but protects you, loves you unconditionally throughout her life, no matter how old you become. She is synonymous with love, care, tolerance, sacrifice, dedication and all this with a smile on her face. No wonder in our Holy Scriptures mother is considered equal to God.

As a sister

A sister plays a vital and unique role in one’s life and only those can understand this who has a sister. She is someone who shares your secret, she is someone who saves you for your mistakes from parents, she forgives you easily, she cares for you no matter how badly you fight with her. And above all, she loves you and cares for you throughout your life. She shares that special bond with you and honouring this bond as festivals like Raksha Bandhan and Bhai Dooj.

As a life partner

A woman plays a very significant role as a life partner. It is a very different role altogether. She becomes your strongest support system, she takes all your pains, she values your life more than hers, she loves to see you more successful than her in career, she accepts not only you but your entire family and takes care of them, she lives for you, she can die for you. SShe sacrifices her career so that you become successful, she sacrifices her comfort so that you get comfort. She is always there for you. Her role is beyond description.

As a daughter

Daughters are a treasure! Daughters, no matter how old they become or how far they are from their parents, but they support them and care for them always. She never hesitates from sacrificing for her family. And she is the one who shoulders responsibility without any grudges. If you are younger to her, she harbours motherly feelings for you and cares for you like a mother. No wonder daughters are father’s princess!

As a friend

She is a friend who supports you, who understands your worries and problems like no one else. She likes you with your flaws, unlike others. She can fight with you or argue with you but can never stay away from you. She buries your secrets deep inside her heart. When you go through a bad relationship or a break-up she is the first one who would do anything to make you feel better and brings that smile back on your face.

The persona of a woman is so wide and deep that is beyond words. She is someone who adds value to our lives and makes it beautiful.