For millions of people, the hit of a coffee is essential to start their day. Well, it’s America’s favorite drug and a caffeine jolt gets them going. The aromatic beans let you stay alert, alleviate fatigue, and headache. However, do you know its side effects if you are addictive to a cup of joe? Certainly a double shot brings some unpleasant aftereffects that let your body suffer from several symptoms. Well, we are not here to knock the sweeter drink, but to tell you to cut down on coffee intake. If you are still unable to go a day without it, let’s see what it can do to your body:

Enhanced Urine Frequency: Coffee features a diuretic property which elongates the urination frequency. In order to cut down the side effects, it is advisable to eat a healthy snack and drink plenty of water. The healthy food provides the fluid more time in the digestive tract and the excessive water will keep you hydrated even after your regular loo visits.

Make You Feel Jittery: Do you drink the mug of Joe to keep yourself alert? But do you know that too much coffee cups can make you feel jumpy and jittery as it speeds up your body system and allows your heart to beat faster than normal.

Stomach Upset: Well, if you intake more than four cups of coffee a day, its laxative properties might trigger your stomach and lead to loose motions. Studies have shown that coffee triggers the production of acid by the stomach cells. Now, if you experience pain in your stomach frequently due to acidity, it’s time to make an alteration in your coffee routine.

Sleep Deprivation: The nightmare of losing sleep at night is experienced by most of us. But why it happens? It is majorly because of too much coffee intake. By keeping you awake at night, the sweeter drug is affecting your alertness and performance during the day.

Eye Twitching Increases: You would be wondering where does the eye twitches come from? Well, the National Institute of Health answers your question. Caffeine usually triggers the release of noradrenaline and serotonin, excitatory neurotransmitters which can enhance the reactivity in the nerves and muscles.

Make You Feel Nauseatic: People might suffer from nausea due to diuretic effects of caffeine. Sometimes, people might even vomit due to excessive intake.

Breast Lumps: Ladies, you must be cautious while drinking too much mug of Joe at work. This is because you might experience painful lumps in your breasts that is often termed as fibrocystic disease. Many-a-times, the lumps might disappear if you cut down the coffee intake.

Headache: To get a short-term relief from drowsiness and fatigue, you are probably inviting a dreadful headache. Most people experience a headache because of the stimulant’s effect on the brain. The pain can be severe and can sometimes confuse people with different medical ailments.

So, people!! Understand that your body suffers from excessive caffeine intake. So, what are you waiting for? Cut down the doses and prevent yourself from suffering from the horrible hazards.