If your life in the city has become a mundane routine and the fun opportunities available bring no joy, then backpacking is calling you. The world beyond your city limits is incredible and carrying a lot of surprises for you. All you have to do is prepare your backpack and start the life transforming journey. If you have never done it before then here are few guidelines that you must follow before getting aboard.

  1. Roam around Your Country First

Before venturing beyond the shores, a backpacking beginner should visit his country first. It will allow him to understand the challenges of such adventurous trip and the way to deal with them in a local environment.

  1. Find an Experienced Companion

Experienced companions are a boon on your first backpacking trip. They will save you from making the mistakes that a beginner is prone to make. From packing to accommodation, experienced companion proves a great help to a newbie backpacker.

  1. Plan Your Tour beforehand

Always plan a trip beforehand to save your money and time. Planning also saves you from an emergency situation. Make an itinerary of the places you want to visit and plan a budget according to it.

  1. Take the Important Gears Along

Make a list of essential gears you need to carry along on your backpacking tour. This list includes small items like matchbox to big items like backpacking tent and sleeping bags.

  1. Stay in Hostels Instead Of Hotels

There are hostels for the backpackers and budget tourists all over the world. Avoid staying in hotels as they charge a hefty amount, which will increase your budget. One more advantage of staying in hostels is that you will be able to socialize with new people.

  1. Do Not Overspend On Shopping

Avoid overspending on clothes and other collectibles during your backpacking trip. The very idea of backpacking is to explore more on a lesser budget. Overspending will eat your budget and add some extra weight to your backpack.

  1. Take High-Calorie Food Along

Always carry high-calorie food if you are backpacking for a hiking tour. Foods like glucose biscuits, chocolate bar, etc. will provide you instant energy at the crucial time and won’t acquire space in your backpack. You will drain a lot of energy during the hike; high-calorie food helps you to regain the lost energy.

  1. Don’t Book Too Far In Advance

You never know about the exigencies you might come across on a backpacking trip. Sometimes you simply want to stay longer at a place. Advance booking kills this freedom of choice. Further, it also kills the excitement of the unexpected events or people you might come across.

  1. Travel As Light As You Can

Don’t carry unnecessary things or clothes in your bag. Your rucksack should contain only the essentials and nothing else. Each extra kilo will reduce your capacity of walking and will become a liability rather than being touring assets.

  1. Plan a Shorter Trip

It is highly advisable for the beginners to plan a shorter trip before taking a week to several months backpacking trip. It will allow you to understand how far you can go beyond your comfort zone. If you are ready to take the challenge further, then start your journey as an explorer.

So these are the pieces of advice that will save you from trip spoiler events. Though these tips will work most of the times, still be prepared for the unexpected events that may come across during your tour. Sometimes things don’t fall as per your plan so make a plan B for those situations. Always remember no matter how well or worst your trip may be you will always come up as an evolved person.