Men are from Mars and Women are from Venus, it’s a famous book which talks about how women feel, behave and perceive things is so different from what man does. What is ok for men can at times be highly offensive to women, what is normal to man might be unacceptable for a woman! So let’s see why women differ to a great extent in what they find offensive.

Just imagine this: A woman receives some notes from a man but she doesn’t desire them. How would she react? Well, as the new scientific study the Japanese women may find receiving the notes OK, but when it comes to England, most of the women perceive receiving notes as offensive.

In another situation, a man waiting outside a woman’s office even when he has not been asked by the woman to do so, it is OK for most of the Egyptian women but not acceptable by many Trinidad women.

The reason behind these differences in perceptions or reactions of women is majorly due to cultural difference as per the new research from Australia. During the research, the scientists noticed how women from all over the world view certain “intrusive” male behaviours, which range from visible harmful (such as death threats) to a man approaching a woman for sex after just one meeting with her. Well, how women from different parts of the world react to such behaviours of men differ greatly, as per the Journal Aggressive Behaviour.

During the research around 1700 women from college psychology classes from 12 countries namely Italy, Japan, England, Egypt, Scotland, Trinidad, Finland, India, Indonesia, Armenia, Australia participated.

The participants were given questionnaires asking about if they feel 47 “intrusive” behaviours by men unacceptable to them.

Intrusive behaviours were divided different categories and the result of one of the categories is as follows.

Aggression and surveillance: This category included those behaviours which seemed most serious actions such as death threat kill a family member or loved one and forced sexual contact. The result: Majority of the women (97%) from all the countries said that forced sexual contact was intolerable, a man physically hurting a women’s loved one (96 percent), giving death threats (95 percent); threatening to hurt a woman physically (94 percent); and hurting a woman emotionally (94 percent). Well, in this category, 100 percent women from Egypt, Scotland and India said that forced sexual contact was not acceptable, and only 84 percent of the Armenian agreed with this assessment.

In another category named Unwanted Attention includes situations such as a man waiting for a woman outside her office or home and not willing to accept the end of a relationship. Women from 8 out of 12 countries said that this behaviour is unacceptable.

The rate of acceptability increased in the last two categories. The third category, persistent courtship and impositions, encompassed a situation in which a man asks a woman for sex at a social event or wolf-whistling at a woman in a street.

The last category, courtship and information seeking, included a situation in which a man joins a new group to come closer to a woman and asks others about her. In the last two categories, in just 2 of the 12 countries, expressed that such behaviours were not acceptable.

So, it is the cultural differences which shapes the thinking of women and affects them greatly.