The power requirement is at its peak with the increasing use of home appliances and other industrial electric equipment. Every year during the summers we reach to a new high of power demand that is difficult to meet. The government is regularly working on the power generation through hydroelectric projects. Since the ever increasing power demand is exhausting the energy resources, therefore, it is the time when we have to control the energy consumption. One way of reducing the power consumption is the addition of the energy efficient features in our home. These features assist us in reducing the energy consumption just by making minimum changes.

  1. Switch To LED Lighting Solutions

There was a time when CFL was the alternate for reducing the power consumption of lighting. The time has changed, and now we have the LED lighting, which is brighter and consumes less wattage than CFL. You will save a lot on your electricity bill by embracing the LED lighting completely.

  1. Reflective Paint On The Outer Walls

Reflective paint is very useful for the houses built in hot climate zones. It reflects the high percentage of sun rays from the outer walls exposed to the sun thus reduces the heat absorption and keeps the house cooler.

  1. Usage Of Blinds On Windows

Blinds are the best ways to reduce the power consumption of lighting. It allows diffused sunlight and illuminates the space without undesirable heating. It also blocks the direct sunlight thus keeps the interior cool.

  1. Energy Efficient Appliances

You might have observed the star rating on electrical appliances. This rating denotes the energy consumed by the appliances. Always use minimum three-star rating appliances to reduce the energy consumption.

  1. Solar Panels

Solar panels store solar energy which can be utilized in lighting outdoors, heating water and for other purposes. The installation will be costlier but it will provide a better alternate of electricity, and in the long run, will reduce your energy bills.

  1. Skylights

Skylights are installed on the roofs of the houses and buildings. It allows the maximum amount of natural light enter your home and keep the interiors warm in cold climate. Skylights help in reducing the expenses of the electricity bills and adds comfort to your living environment.

  1. Grow More Plants

You can grow small plants in the pot and make a hanging indoor garden. This garden will keep your interiors cool and reduce the energy consumption of cooling.

  1. Maintain Your Equipment

Faulty and under serviced equipment consumes more energy and increase your electricity bill. Maintaining your cooling and heating equipment reduces the energy consumption.

Power generation and distribution is a long and tedious process which also involves natural resources. The judicious use of power is necessary along with the power saving tips. In this article, we have mentioned the ways of reducing the energy consumption at home. These energy efficient techniques will not only lessen electricity bill but also reduce the pressure on resources of power generation.