Cricket is the most popular sport after football in the whole world. People are crazy about this sport, especially in the Asian continent. Cricket lovers remain glued to their TV screen until the end of the match. They show their solidarity, enmity, pride and a lot of other emotions through this sport. Although every cricket match has its moments of excitement and an avid cricket lover knows all the details about it. Still, there are some unknown facts about the game of cricket that most of us are not aware of. We are sharing some of the unknown facts from the world of cricket.

Cricket Was the Part of the Olympic Games

We all wonder whether cricket was the part of Olympic Games, then we would have scored at least a gold medal in the team event. To your amazement, it was the part of Olympics in the 19th century. Cricket was played in the Olympics in the year 1896 and 1900, and England won the gold medal. Later, it was called off from the list of Olympic Games due to the less number of participating teams.

 Shahid Afridi Hit a Century from a Bat Borrowed From Sachin Tendulkar

It’s not just him, but his bat does wonder too. Yes, in the year 1996, Shahid Afridi borrowed the bat from Sachin Tendulkar and hit 11 sixes and six boundaries while scoring the fastest century in just 37 balls. Well, that is why Sachin is called ‘God of Cricket.’

 Highest Score in an Over Is Not 36 But 77

You must be thinking that the highest score in an over is 36, but in a domestic match in New Zealand, the batsman scored 77 runs in an over. The bowling team wanted the last two players to take the risk and lose their wicket. None of the team won the match, and it ended as a draw match.

 France Used To Play Cricket in Late 19th Century

Yes, before this game got its hold in Asia, France used to a have a national cricket team. French cricket team also took part in 1896 and 1900 Olympic Games that took place in Paris, France. Sadly, the French team could not win the gold medal as it lost the game to England by 158 runs.

Mankad Run out Style Is Named after Indian Cricket Player Vinoo Mankad

In an international cricket match, a bowler can run out the non-striking batsman if he moves out of the crease before the delivery of the ball. Vinoo Mankad was the first bowler to attempt this style of runout in the year 1947 against the Australian batsman Bill Brown.  Later, this style of run out was named Mankad run out after the surname of Vinoo Mankad.

Cricket is the game that amazes its players and viewers a lot. The nail-biting excitement made it one of the most popular sports around the globe. ICC Champion’s Trophy is the current tournament being played among the eight best teams in the world. Hope you must be enjoying the contest while watching your best players on the ground!!