Willing to bring Mother Nature indoors? If yes, then you would be knocked down with feather to hear that houseplants have made a drastic comeback. Not only the plants enhance the beauty of your home, but also purify the indoor. Furthermore, your overall quality of life can be made energetic with houseplants. By purifying and creating a relaxing atmosphere, the beautiful plants ensure a better quality of sleep. Of course, there is nothing worse than turning and tossing all night. The sleepless nights be cut down if you have houseplants in your living space. In a nutshell, the calming effect of the indoor plants is simply second to none.

In this write-up, we have compiled a list of impressive houseplants that would ensure a better sleep with their calming effects. Scroll down to know about them:

Aloe Vera: Not only the gel of aloe plant soothe cuts and burns, but it also maintains a restful atmosphere at home by emitting oxygen at night. Dubbed as the ‘plant of immortality’, its reproduction is as easy as a pie. So, if you have one aloe, you can soon have multiple for all the other rooms. Make it stand beside your bedroom window as it does not call for direct sunlight. Essentially, it’s a must-have plant for every household.

Gardenia: With wonderfully scented blossoms and glossy evergreen leaves, Gardenia, undoubtedly, is a popular choice for all homes. Not only it will glam up your room but can also relieve anxiety and stress, thus promoting a good sleep. Gardenia requires a lot of attention. Ensure to keep one in a bright room, however, away from direct sunlight.

Peace Lily: Very pleasing to eyes, Peace Lily is another superstar houseplant. By filtering harmful trichloroethylene, benzene, and formaldehyde toxins, the plant cleanses the air and offer a great night’s sleep. The moisture released by the impressive flowers can enhance the humidity of a room by up to 5%. Ensure you keep them in a nice shady position and enjoy its perks.

Snake Plant: Essentially, it’s a most recommended plant!! Snake plant is easy to maintain and this is its super plus point. The great thing about the plant is that it emits oxygen at night, thereby, taking in carbon dioxide. Well, this, in turn, improves the air quality and lets you enjoy a sound sleep.

Spider Plant: Well, its look can make you confused with snake plant, but ideally it is not!! Being a champion cleanser of air, it lets you live in a clean environment. NASA studies have shown that it eliminates 90% of cancer-causing chemical formaldehyde from air. As formaldehyde is commonly found in all household products including grout, fillers, and adhesives, it’s always good to keep the plant indoors.

Jasmine: We all must have heard about this beautiful plant. This exquisite plant features a soothing effect on both body and mind. The blooming ivory or pink blossoms not only enhances the décor of home but also reduces anxiety levels which in turn offers high quality of sleep.

Henceforth, bring home the exotic plants home and get rid of the sleepless nights and anxiety.