Allergy is a scary term for every human being and a total nightmare, especially for the girls. To put on makeup and keep it throughout the day while suffering from watery eyes, running nose and blotchy skin is quite a challenge. But the silly allergies can’t keep away the girls from putting makeup!! Here we will discuss the beauty tips and tricks that may come handy during the bad allergy days and help girls flaunt their gorgeous looks without any worries.

For Red, Watery Eyes

The eyes are the prominent features of one’s face and grab the attention more than any other part. Red, watery eyes can be quite a deal-breaker for a good makeup day. Consider using waterproof mascara and eyeliner formula to deal with the watery eyes. It will highlight your eyes beautifully, and there will be no signs of smudging.

For Puffy Face

Well!! We all have been there at some point in life. Yes, we are talking about the puffy face!! Washing your face with cold water or applying a wet washcloth on your face will calm your skin and de-puff it. Also, contouring your cheekbones can give your face a thinner look and make it look less puffy.

For Red Nose

With a running nose, it is very usual to have dry and red nose tip and nostrils by constant tissue blowing. First of all, cleanse the area properly and exfoliate it afterward. Heavily moisturize the tip of the nose to get rid of the dry flakes. Before applying makeup, put a thick layer of foundation around the nose area to hide the redness. Using a golden or yellow-based concealer will also cover up the redness around the nose.

For Blotchy Skin

First of all, use a gentle cleanser on your face so that it calms your allergic skin and reduces the irritation. And never forget to wash off your makeup before going to bed!! While putting makeup, first of all, apply a layer of green color concealer on the red areas of your skin to minimize the blotchy redness. Afterward, you can use a skin tone concealer or foundation to get a flawless, natural-looking skin complexion.

For Dark under eye Circles

Dark circles are the very common problem and most of the people who have them try their best to cover them up. First and foremost, apply a fast-absorbing lightweight gel cream under your eyes so that your concealer won’t run off. Put on the foundation according to your skin tone and type. Orange, peach or salmon color concealer neutralizes the blue or green tones prevalent in under eye circles. Now cover the under eye area with concealer and blend it thoroughly. The dark circles under your eyes will no longer be visible.

All the makeup tips mentioned above will save your beauty look from the horror of terrible allergies and let you shine like you always do!!