The moment you wish to get high and alter your state of mind, you think of nothing but the drugs. Well, the mild altering drugs can certainly offer you best of both worlds to serve your vocation but it can let you face higher than the risk. So, the foreign substances should be used effectively and in a minimum quantity.

The mind altering drugs can alter your perception from a normal state of human consciousness to a far more different state wherein you can hear, see, and perceive differently. However, do you know that there are some tested ways that can manipulate your mind without using drugs? Well, if no, scroll down to know the tactics:

Runner’s High Work and Can Be Both Addictive and Dangerous: The concept of runner’s high can certainly bring you into a state ‘high on life’. Moreover, it’s a tested phenomenon and most runners are truly addicted to it. Most of the marathons would report a strange feeling they get after running. They don’t talk about strength but the power to keep going on and on. It’s simply beyond their normal physical endurance because of the partly disconnection of the mind from stress and pain of the body. Some might report a strong feeling of euphoria while others assume that it’s a safe way of getting high which can be addictive.

The Strange Connection Between Ghostly Apparitions And Infrasound Will Knock You Down With Feathers: We all have stood at a point when we hear something strange but actually, we find nothing there. This leads us to believe that the place is haunted. When a sense of danger kicks in, people often tend to believe in a sudden chill or ghosts. Many-a-times, the stories crop up often which proves the evidence of ghostly hauntings. Well, in reality, scientists claim that the culprit of such feeling is ‘Infrasound’. It’s a sound that lies below audible human perception, but it is still picked up by the brain unconsciously and such sounds are the sole reason of the so-called ghostly apparitions.

Continuous Exposure To Red Or Blue Lights Can Alter Your Mood: The effect of colors on human mind will make you rooted to the spot. As per studies, red and blue hues have a serious effect on your brain. While red is more likely to excite passions and the color blue can calm those passions and make you feel relaxed.

Your Power To Hallucinate Shortly Before Waking Up And Falling Asleep: When we say ‘Hallucinations’, they can occur in perfectly healthy people too. However, the level of trigger varies on each individual. The hallucinations which are common in all is named as ‘hypnogogic and hypnopompic hallucinations’. They occur on almost everyone in small amounts and most of them might not be aware of this. Such sense of alterations in your body occurs right after falling asleep and waking up. It happens when your brain is in the twilight state between reality and dreamland. Such hallucinations tend to confuse your brain and it finds difficulty in distinguishing between a dream world and reality.

So, drug addicts!! Put a full stop to your addiction right away as you got the tested ways to alter your state of mind.