Do you pay a heed to athlete? If yes, then the athletic prowess of Indian-American athletes might make you head over heels for them. Even though we do not work against the clock to sweat in the gym, however, Indian-origin athletes spend hours in the court to acquire a competitive edge in their sport. Essentially, they are known worldwide for their academic achievements and the appealing stories of the athletes inspire most of us.

Want to know a little about the athletes of the Indian descent? If yes, we will walk you through the Indian-origin athletes that you should know:

Mohini Bharadwaj Barry: The lady bears a reputation of putting herself through difficult routines in college gymnastics. She also won two NCAA titles at UCLA; however, before she could make a mark in the Olympic team, she quit gymnastics. Apparently, it took 12 years for her to accomplish her dream when she got selected for 2004 Olympic team as a team captain where she trained the team to bring home a silver medal. At the age of 25, Bharadwaj became the second-oldest female gymnast of the nation competing in Olympics. In 2005, she took retirement from competitive gymnastics and since then, she decided to start up her own gymnastics coaching career.

Alexi Grewal: Well, this gymnast pedaled all the way to win hearts of Americans by winning the Olympic gold medal in in Mission Viejo in a road cycling event. He is, in fact, the first American to win the Olympic road race. Grewal’s victory in 1984 placed him into the U.S. Bicycling Hall of Fame. But things changed!! His recognition did not live long as the athlete himself admitted that he used performance-enhancing drugs to win the game. Back in 2011, he failed to bounce in the game of elite level race. At the age of 55, Alexi turned himself down from cycling to serving the homeless.

Raj Bhavsar: To keep Raj off from climbing trees and furniture, his parents enrolled him in gymnastics sessions at the age of 4. Soon, with extensive training, this Gujarati-American nailed as a competitive artistic gymnast. He earned an unprecedented silver medal when he participated in the 2001 U.S. World Championships Team. Currently, Bhavsar is working as an artist at Cirque du Soleil.

Sanjay Lal: In the history of U.S football, the Indian-origin player, Sanjay Lal is second to none. A coach for Buffalo Bills, Sanjay is the only one person to conquer the national sport. Before being a coach of the Buffalo Bills, he also trained New York Jets and Oklahoma Raiders.

Manny Malhotra: Manny, a son of Punjabi father and a French-Canadian mother is the only Indian player in the NHL. At the age of 18 in 1998, he acquired a seventh overall by the New York Rangers. Since then he has played for various top teams in the NHL ranging from Dallas Stars, Montreal Canadians to Columbus Blue Jacket. Furthermore, he is also renowned for his faceoff proficiency as well as a two-way forward. Currently, Malhotra is working as a free agent.

The list of Indian-origin athletes is endless. The aforesaid names have heightened the glory of the nation to the immense.