In the competitive world of 21st century, research and development have become an integral part of every industry. Every year we see new ideas are taking shape and with the technical assistance, they are turning into new gadgets. In the current pace of research and development, technologies are becoming obsolete in very short span of time. This tendency makes us look for latest innovation and become more aware of the latest trends in the world of technology. So why stay ignorant when opportunities to learn more about the new gadget and technology are just around the corner. We have the technological marvels of the month, which might become part of your life very soon.

Supersonic Aircraft

Supersonic Aircraft Speed has always been a desire of humankind. In the current scenario, the number of frequent flyers is increasing, and now people are demanding the faster mode of travel. So, folks, wait is over and soon you will be flying in an aircraft that moves quicker than the speed of sound. Virgin Galactic has collaborated with the startup Boom technology to manufacture a supersonic aircraft. The Boom technology claimed that the speed of this aircraft would be around 1451 mph that is twice the speed of sound. With such a speed, the travel time between New York and London will be around three hours and fifteen minutes. The company has planned the first flight of this aircraft in the year 2018.

Flying Car

Flying Car The city traffic has been a problem for daily commuters for a long time. If you have ever been stuck in a traffic jam, then you must have thought of a flying car. Now an engineering firm from Slovakia is ready to launch flying cars in the world’s most exclusive supercar show, i.e. Top Marques Monaco. The car can reach the maximum speed of 225 mph. According to the news report, the price of the car is around 1.3 million Euros.

The Real Iron Man Suit

The Real Iron Man Suit After watching Robert Downey Jr. we all have fantasized about a flying suit. Well, some of us took it very seriously and started working on the idea. The good news is that one of them has succeeded in his attempt. Richard Browning, an ex-royal marine reservist, has finally made a flying jet pack. The jet suit has six miniature jet engines mounted on the arms and lower back of the flyer. We all have a dream of flying like a bird, but that is not so easy, this jet pack requires a lot of physical strength to manoeuvre it correctly. The flying suit is called Daedalus and is capable of flying at high altitude at a fast pace, although the demonstration is made at a much lower height and slower speed than Robert Browning claimed.

Air Purification Device

Air Purification Device Air Pollution is one of the significant problems that city people deals with on a regular basis. But thanks to the Belgian researchers who have recently developed and tested an air purification device which on exposure to light can purify air and convert the air pollution into energy. This air purification device will achieve two aims at once- cleaning the polluted air and producing energy. The device will be made up of two compartments separated by a membrane made from nanomaterial. The polluted air will pass through the membrane, and the catalyst present in it will form hydrogen gas, simultaneously breaking down of air pollution will take place cleaning the air and producing energy.

All these innovations will bring a new era of convenience for the humankind. People are eagerly waiting for these devices to arrive in the market and get their hands on them. We all hope these innovations stand up to the expectations of the people and work towards the betterment of the society.