With the advancement of technology, computers have become an integral part of our everyday’s life. From complicated official business work to simple grocery shopping, from online payment of bills to entertainment purpose, there is no field left untouched by the grace of computers. While computers make our life easier at every step they are vulnerable to get infected by several viruses and malware existing in various forms. When a computer gets infected, it starts giving a hint that something is wrong with it. Further, we will discuss different symptoms that show whether your computer is at risk or not.

Slower Processing

A computer virus has the tendency to slow down the operating system which eventually lowers the processing speed of a computer. They also decelerate the internet speed, and the computer takes way too long to open any website. You can run a virus scan on your computer using antivirus software to find out if there is any virus hiding inside your system.

Unwanted Pop-Up Windows

Sometimes we see annoying pop-ups appearing on our computer screen out of nowhere. These pop-ups could be the carrying the prospective viruses with them. Do not click on such suspicious pop-ups and run a scan using anti-spyware to double-check.


A virus can enter inside the hard disk of your computer and crash the entire system. If you suspect any technical glitch in your computer run the system scan with antivirus software to determine whether a virus is the cause of the problem.

Outgoing Emails

Sometimes you find out that your friends are receiving strange emails through your email id that you didn’t send, they could be the viruses as they are capable of spreading themselves by emails. If you see any suspicious emails in your inbox or sent folder do not try to open them as they might be the viruses that could infect or destroy your computer system.

Extra Or Missing Files

You might notice that sometimes some important files go missing, or suddenly additional files appear on your computer. It could be the work of a virus as they are capable of installing infected copies or deleting the files unexpectedly. If you notice such strange activities in your system, it is the time to run a complete security scan.

Homepage Of The Browser Is Changed

If you find out that the home page of your Internet browser has changed itself or a new toolbar pop out suddenly, it could be the case of spyware. To get rid of the spyware run a specific scan using the special software as soon as possible.

Tools and Programs Stop Working

Sometimes you notice that the keyboard shortcut keys, start menu or right-click on the desktop won’t open. It is the sign that a virus is messing with your computer and affecting the functionality of various tools and programs. You need to run a deep scan on your computer to get rid of such viruses.

With the increasing usage of Internet activity, the risks associated with it are also increasing. It is advisable to stay updated about the latest computer attacks and regularly scan your computer to save it from the malicious viruses.