Traveling long distance in an airplane can lead people to experience Jet Lag which greatly effects their sleep and alertness. You must have also struggled against jet lag- most common sleep disorder which ruins the pleasure of traveling and vacations. Well, according to the scientific studies Jet lag is a condition that results from an imbalance in our body’s natural biological clock caused by traveling to different time zones.

However, the good news is that the new scientific study says it may be possible to reset the biological clock by targeting certain cells in a person’s eyes and hence help recover from jet lag. Scientists have found a connection between the eyes and the body clock which can be of great help in getting rid of jet lag with drops.

A new group of cells in the retina have been discovered by the scientists. These cells send signals about light changes to that part of the human brain that controls the body’s physiological activities. According to the scientists, they may be able to use eye drops to change the retina’s signals and as a result, can change body’s responses to light changes. This study was published by The Journal of Physiology. The study was conducted on rats in a lab and scientists say that we still need more research to confirm that it can work on humans.

A human’s biological clock is controlled by a particular area of the brain called suprachiasmatic nucleus (SCN) by releasing signaling molecules that pass through the entire body, including one called vasopressin. And the SCN works in response to the information they get from cells in the eyes that respond differently to light of various intensities. On its own SCN has no clue about what biological time it is. So they are completely dependent on the signals from the cells of the eyes. The scientists are trying to find out a way to alter the levels of vasopressin that come from the eye so that they can make eye drops that can help in recovering from jet lag.

In the morning, bright light helps in the synchronization of a person’s biological clock, in contrast, at night presence of bright light can lead to disharmony in the biological clock resulting in jet lag.

Retinal ganglion cells in the eyes are responsible for relaying the information about light intensity, as per the scientific study. It is yet not completely understood by the researchers how these cells in the eyes communicate with the biological clock which is located deep in the brain.

Hopefully, we will soon get the wonder “Eye drops” to recover quickly from Jet Lag and enjoy our travel without any hassles!