Stepping out of home to pursue your higher education? Yes, it’s a tough task because university is rough in terms of eating. You must have packed your bags, bought the new books, and ready with all the essentials. However, what about the healthy home cooked food? Well, hostel food is a nightmare!! Essentially, it is and to fight the battle, it’s always good to learn the mom recipes that stick to your ribs. If in case, your cooking skill is not competent enough, do not fear!! The following mom-tested recipes will make you enjoy fuss-free food in no time. Let’s give them a try!!

Sumptuous Fish Fingers With Guacamole: You can stand in a good stead if you learn this delicious mommy inspired fish fingers. The best part of the recipe is that it’s not fried and you would essentially fall in love with these golden crunchy crumbs. Prepare the easy dish at hostel and serve it with guacamole to taste it even better.

The Speedy Pan Rice: If you have a bag of rice in your closet, then a satisfying supper can be prepared in just 15 minutes. Mix the health credentials like veggies to serve yourself with a fulfilling yet a healthy meal.

Entertaining Baked Pasta: Baked pasta is never a fail for college students. However, it doesn’t always have to be the cheesy one. Create a base with tinned tomatoes and play with your favorite herbs, veggies, and use crème low in fat for that appealing texture. Full-fledged with health, this meal won’t cost you a fortune.

Classic Thai Curry: Packed with all the goodness of herbs and veggies, this Asian curry fits every occasion, even if you are locked up in the hostel room. Simply load your cupboard with curry paste, Thai spices, and coconut milk and prepare this veggie feast for your stomach.

Fluffy Omelettes: When we say eggs, they are a rich source of high protein, minerals, and vitamins. A speedy lunch could be satisfying if you are skillful in making a fluffy omelette. Experiment with vivid fillings to make it much more interesting.

Veggie Wraps: A lunch wrapped in all the healthy veggies sounds great, right!! If you are less devoted to cooking, get inspired by this mommy-inspired recipe. Roll the wrap with varied veggie fillings and enjoy the meal that features a nutritional value. Just give it a try and make your mom proud!!

Taco In A Bowl: A taco soup is fulfilling and sticks to your ribs. Bring black beans, ground beef, corn and get started to prepare this main dish soup. Crush tortilla chips as toppins and enjoy the taste.

The Meatless Veggie Burger: The meatless burger sounds delicious to all the veggie lovers. Fill the bun with your favorite vegetables and relish the taste of this easy-to-make burger.

Jacket Potatoes: Jacket potatoes!! What does this mean?? Well, it means crispy potatoes with filling of baked beans. It’s a lovingly speedy cuisine that can make you reap the benefits of tasty beans. Full of good stuff, this meal satiates your taste buds to the fullest.

So, college goes!! Try the fuss-free dishes and make the challenging stay as easy as a pie.