You are expecting a baby!! Well, the thought itself can give you leaps and bounds of happiness. The feeling of motherhood is indistinguishable. However, when it comes to maternity clothes, your mind is buzzed with horror. From ruched T-shirts, shapeless sack dresses to uninspiring outwear; the pregnancy outfits can make you give up on fashion. However, today, the world is changing. Being pregnant doesn’t mean that you cannot follow the fashionable trends. During pregnancy, comfort is key!! But when it comes to fashion, do not stick to the cliché of bulging clothes.

Well, if you a mom-to-be, here’s a takeaway to acquire the worthy look. So, let’s get started to dress like you:

Let Button Ups Become Your Companion: Well, bring the oversized button-up from any of your favorite stores. Get the sleeves rolled and let the loose material adore your new body. If your bumps are bigger enough, it’s ideal to wear the button-up over a tee to appear adorable.

Why Not Flared Skirts: A flared skirt is a must-have during pregnancy. It balances your proportions, particularly at the end of the pregnancy when your belly appears too big. If you are too anxious, get inspired by Sara Strand, a fashion blogger who astonished everyone with her Va-Va-Voom personality in a flared skirt.

Sun Dress Showcases Your Real Beauty: Boasting a baby bump is really challenging during the sweltering weather of the year. During summer, staying comfy and cool is a prerequisite and for this, a sun dress is your best bet.

Horizontal Stripes Is Everyone’s Favorite: Horizontal stripes are best to go with while you are pregnant. As you are expecting, you must be loving your growing belly and essentially stripes are best way to show it off. If you are confused how to style it up, pregnant style blogger Gaelyn Jenkins will help you rock it.

Thanks To Asymmetrical Hemlines: Well, a hemline that’s shorter in front lets you walk down the streets in a comfy manner. Pair it with a relaxing jeans or leggings and let your style catch everyone’s eye.

A Comfy Crepe Dress: Warmer months are challenging, especially if you are a mom-to-be. To break the hassle, bring a crepe dress with short sleeves. It’s a best way to attain a comfortable yet a simple look. Pair it with flat sandals and elegant accessories and this is what that meets the eyes.

Jersey Tunic Can Never Go Wrong: Own a jersey tunic and definitely, this piece can make you pull together all the beauty. Tunics cost nothing and can be paired with anything like skirts or jeans. For an extra glamor, add an above-the-belly belt and look astonishing.

Look Carefree With Motorcycle Jacket: When you are pregnant, adopt a carefree look. Pair your normal jeans with motorcycle jacket and boots to rock and roll.

So, moms-to-be!! Do not camouflage your bulging belly. Enjoy the time and never compromise on style. Detox your closet with the aforesaid chic maternity styles and flatter your growing bump during the next nine months.