Undoubtedly, March was an inspiring month for ladies, isn’t it!! Why, because it was National Women’s day. Every year, this important day is celebrated on March 8 and women feel proud of their achievements. Essentially, it’s a global holiday and the whole world participates to celebrate the economic, social, political, and cultural achievements of females.

As International Women’s Day is a global holiday, celebrations differ in every part of the world. In most countries, it is akin to Valentine’s Day when ladies receive gifts and flowers from their male counterparts. Whereas, in some parts, women head towards the street to demand the changes for their rights. In particular, Woman’s Day is celebrated in all countries. If you are interested to know how countries around the world celebrate this special day, let’s make you an aficionado:

China: As per law, ladies are given a half-day leave on this important day. For shopkeepers and other online retailers, it’s a fortunate day wherein they can attract the females with heavy discounts on lingerie, cosmetics, and footwear.

The America: Well, on this day, ladies usually go on a strike that is called as ‘A Day Without A Women.’ It’s a protest for gender equality and it reminds of the era of 1908 when the first protest took place in favor of better working conditions.

Iceland: The equal pay standard applies to all and this got proved in the tiny Nordic country, Iceland. This year, on Wednesday, the country became the first to offer equal wages to all people, irrespective of gender, ethnicity, sexuality, and nationality.

Europe: On this day, women would be fortunate to enjoy free entry to the cultural sites and museums of the country. Most exhibitions highlight artwork by women as well as the official Instagram account for all the museums in Italy exhibits art by ladies from all walks of life.

U.K And Ireland: Women from all walks of life in this Atlantic nation march for their rights. Women protest against the eighth amendment of the Irish constitution which debars abortion.

Milan, Italy: On Woman’s Day, ‘My English School Milan’ in order to celebrate the day hosts morning teas for ladies to make them relax. They also discuss all the impacts they have been making to the world as females.

Tokyo, Japan: The country hosts a panel in order to bring awareness that calls for gender equality. The ‘Spotlight on Japan 2017’’, an event is organized by The Peninsula Tokyo and Mums In Business Tokyo.

Florianopolis, Brazil: The natives of the land participate in the Vital Voices Global Mentoring Walk, a walk out of 134 that takes place in 60 countries worldwide. The motive of the walk is to bind women leaders and flicker a global movement.

Women make society and hence they stand in a good stead in every way. To pay heed to their achievements, every country all around the world celebrates the day in a special way. The celebration imbibes their strength and boosts their chances of a stable and prosperous future.