Women who constitute around 50% of the world population are not able to enjoy even half of the fundamental rights granted to them. Reasons behind are illiteracy, ignorance, exploitation, gender disparity and the list goes on and on. People need to understand the fact that the women empowerment will not only uplift their condition in society but also contribute to the overall development of the nation. There are many ways to allow power or improve the situation of women in every domain of life.

Educate Them

Illiteracy is one of the leading causes of poverty, ignorance of rights, hindrance in development, etc. Educating the women will make them eligible for employment, aware them about their rights, help them fight against the domestic violence, and make them self-sustainable. Education will widen the horizon of women which will support them in living a better life.

Provide Healthy Living Conditions

Women’s ignorance about health care facilities like family planning, reproductive rights, etc. make them suffer from various diseases and health conditions. Awareness about health information and the provision of better medical aids can help the women and their children in living a healthy and disease free life.

End the Violence against Them

A large percentage of women in the world face domestic or social violence at some point in their life. Incidents related to rapes, murders, eve teasing, and dowry are widely known throughout the world. Strict laws need to be introduced in the judicial system against the crimes related to women. Women should be educated about raising a voice against any violent action, both at the domestic and social level. An end must be put to the crimes against women to make the world a safer place for them.

Provide Enough Employment Opportunities

Better employment opportunities will help women in becoming independent as well as supportive of their family. Nations across the globe are launching different schemes for women to help those acquiring skills and training programs that will make them eligible for several employment prospects. Banks and other financial institutions provide loans for medium and small-scale enterprises to promote female entrepreneurship.

Build Up the Confidence and Support Their Independence

Due to the traditional values and social restrictions in various parts of the world, the men of the families don’t support the independence of women and restrict their human rights. Women in several parts of the world are not allowed to go out of the house for jobs, to engage in social activities or to travel alone to places. It not only deprived the women of their basic rights but also affect their self-esteem and confidence. We need to help women in building up their confidence by supporting their independence, respecting their opinions, and making them self-dependent.

Eradicate the Gender Disparity

Gender disparity is one of the major women-centric issues prevalent in the world. It is widespread in all the societies, families, workplaces and everywhere. Due to gender difference, women are deprived of education, employment opportunities, rights, equal wages, etc. People can put the efforts to reduce gender inequality right from their home by providing similar facilities to both boy and the girl child. The world with equal rights for both the genders will be a much better place to live.

We all have to stand against the misogyny and the partial treatment towards women prevalent in the society across the world and adopt a zero tolerance policy against gender crime. Social initiatives like gender sensitization workshops are an effective medium to inculcate the gender-neutral attitude among the young generation.