Going on your first date? Nervous…confused what to wear…pondering whether he would find you pretty or not…and many other questions are racing through your mind. But there is much more a man looks for in a woman…Read on what…


According to a major study, the most attractive feature a man looks for in his woman is kindness. So you don’t need to spend hours in front of the mirror, and just be kind. You can show kindness in simple acts like reaching on time, by asking the other person to order first, being polite to the server and taking initiative in choosing a nice place to sit.

Taking initiative

Forget about waiting for the man to make the first move, if you are interested in him show him interest. And the best way to do it is by asking questions and listening attentively. It will build attraction from his end.

Positive body language

Body language plays an important role in building a relationship. Research shows that that part of our brain which controls our body language is also responsible for our feeling such as love and romance. So make sure your body language is positive. For example keeping an eye contact while talking, sitting straight and not leaning and never forget to smile.

Positive attitude

Positivity is something which attracts a man towards a woman just like a magnet attracts iron filings. And someone has aptly said that beauty is much more than good looks. Men love to be with women with a pleasant and cheerful attitude. It plays a great role in choosing a long-term partner.


Honesty about what kind of person you are and what you want from life is something a man wants to know. Also, when it comes to a relationship or love, a man is found to be more sensitive to sexual infidelity than a woman. Honest answers make a lot of difference to the judgement a man makes about a woman.

Fight right

No matter how perfect a relationship is, fights do happen. But what is important is that you shouldn’t forget to care for your man even when you are fighting. Talk about the issues but with a mind to find a solution and not to be defensive and non-responsive. Avoid using blaming statements. This is what the psychologists have to say!

Being yourself

It is always more attractive to be yourself than trying to be someone you are not. For example if you have an obsession with Harry Potter or something else, share it with him and pursue it even if it sounds weird to others. Being yourself is the best strategy. Men find those women attractive who have their unique hobbies or passion.

So next time you go on a date, keep these simple tips in mind rather than worrying about how pretty you are looking! Look pretty but compliment it with the right virtues. That’s the way to be more attractive!