Striking a fine balance between work and family life is one of the major challenges faced by working adults, especially moms. In today’s fast-paced world fulfilling one’s responsibility both at home and at work is causing stress and making each day a struggle in itself. We often end up giving priority to one of the two- work or family- causing imbalance which ultimately results in strained family relationships, feeling of guilt, loss of mental peace, health issues and inefficiency in office. But the irony is that we can neither leave our careers nor our families, so the only option left is to balance them to the best of our ability. And having a balanced work and family life is no rocket science. With some wisdom and efforts in the right direction you can definitely achieve it. Many people have achieved it, so can you!

So, read on to know some efficient tips which can help you strike a balance and make things better for you!

Brush aside the guilt

The first step is to stop feeling guilty or hopeless about the situation. Feeling guilty will only give you more guilt. Rather than wasting your energy on brooding over what you are not doing for your kids or family, think about what all you are already doing for your family. Praise yourself for your efforts. After that make your priorities and discuss them with your life-partner. Of course there will be good and bad days, but knowing your priority will definitely help you plan things better.

Make mornings hassle free

Refrain from starting your day by struggling to organise everything in the morning. It is always better to get those things which you can organise the night before. For example decide the menu for next day’s breakfast, ready your kids school dress and your own etc. This will make your mornings easy without compromising on your family.

Make a family calendar

After making a list of your family priorities, create a calendar with dates when bills have to be paid, kid’s activities chart, write down the list of family and school events, birthdays, extracurricular activities etc. You can take help of Google calendars which you can easily access on your phone. Every week on weekend give some time in scheduling the calendar for the coming week can be of great help.

Avoid time wasters and distractions

We often end up wasting our time on social media like Facebook, making phone calls for hours, TV watching, checking emails even if they don’t seem so important, gossiping etc. Be disciplined in such things by deciding on how much time you should give to these activities so that you have more time for your spouse and children. And when you are with your family avoid multitasking. Give quality time to them. At the same time be focused when you are at work. Talk to your co-workers during breaks. It will save your time and energy and will increase productivity.

Spend quality time with your spouse

Giving time to your partner is one of the keys to a happy and successful relationship. Do special things for your partner, be it a surprise dinner date or making his favourite dish etc. When your relationship is healthy you have all the energy in the world to happily struggle with challenges.

In the process of attaining balance between work and family, you might face imbalance sometimes, accept it with a positive attitude and move on and do your best!