Plastic is no less than a treasure when it comes to making life more comfortable. It can be used to make disposable dishes and eating utensils. When you are outside grabbing a single-serve beverage and snacks packed in plastic packaging is the easiest thing to do. Of course, the plastic shopping bags which serve as a saviour when we don’t remember to carry reusable bags to the grocery store.

Well, we have dozens of excuses to use plastic but in reality, this material which makes our life convenient on daily basis is actually a big threat to the animals and the environment. The reason being the majority of the plastic products can’t be recycled. According to the scientific studies around 12 % of plastic waste gets recycled and the ones which are not recycled find their way into landfills where they take nearly thousands of years to decompose.

Human’s extensive use of plastics has posed a serious threat to wild, domestic and marine animals. Due to plastic, the animals end up in trouble either by accidental consumption or several forms of entanglements. Remember watching funny videos of animals like dogs walking around with his head stuck in a plastic food container jar such as a peanut butter jar. This might look funny but for many animals, it results in death as it causes suffocation, overheating, dehydration, starvation and finally death of these animals.

When it comes to oceans, the uncontrollable use of plastic by humans is harming our oceans and the marine animals to a great extent. There is a significant decrease in fish population in almost all the oceans across the globe. It is astonishing that we have lost around 20% of the world’s coral reefs in a short span of 20 years. In years to come, the remaining 70% will also vanish if we continue playing with nature for our convenience. As per the reports from Plymouth University, plastic pollution has a harmful effect on around 700 marine species. And according to some reports around 100 million marine mammals end up dying each year from plastic pollution.

It is high time we, humans, take some concrete steps to save the animals and other living organisms from the dreadful effect of plastic pollution. We must reduce the use of plastics in our day-to-day life. Use reusable bags for grocery shopping. Avoid using single-use plastics, instead, use reusable products. Also, it is not possible to completely stop the use of plastic use in your life, but we can be mindful of how we dispose of the used plastic products. Rinse the containers well and don’t just throw them away. Make sure your dustbins and garbage bins are not easily accessible to animals. Let’s do our bit to save the lives of animals and other living organisms.