Human Beings are towards the path of conserving natural resources and making earth a better place to live. Consuming less energy, conserving water, saving fuel, etc. are some of the measures we follow in our day-to-day life to keep our planet clean and green. While taking all the necessary steps, we often forget how our food choices can also have a strong impact on our planet. Most of the fruits and vegetables available in the market these days are produced using chemical fertilizers that have adverse effects on health and affect the soil and water severely. Therefore, consuming the organic food produced naturally should be our preference.

To grow a garden we need to put physical labour along with the seasonal awareness of the plants and fruits. You don’t require a large piece of land to grow flowers and organic food, but a small kitchen garden behind your house can do wonders. You need to know about following things before growing a garden.

Each Plant Cultivates In a Particular Period

Just like mangoes can’t grow in winters, all the plants bloom in a particular season. Buying seeds don’t guarantee a beautiful garden; perfect timing and a regular care result in an attractive lawn. You can also grow all season flowers to make it look green all the time. You can check the seed packets to find out the right time of planting them.

Toil with the Soil

Remove all the weeds and toil with the soil to make it smooth and free from the gravels. Mix a generous amount of organic matter like compost or manure that works as a natural fertilizer.

Sow the Seed Carefully

Sowing the seed in a right way affects the growth of the plant. Sowing a seed too deep will ruin it; on the other hand, it will wash away if planted shallow in the soil. Vegetable seed should not be planted close, this way they won’t be able to get enough nutrition from the soil.

Maintain a Right Amount Of Moisture

Watering the plants is a crucial part of growing a garden. Maintaining even moisture in the soil ensure a good yield. Water your garden regularly and don’t try to compensate by over watering. Inconsistent irrigation will ruin your plant and reduce the harvest.

Eliminate Weeds

Any unwanted herb grown alongside the desirable plant is called a weed. These weeds compete with your plant for nutrients such as water and sunlight, eat up the nutrition and don’t let your plant get enough nourishment. Pull these weeds regularly to ensure the maximum supply of moisture and minerals to your plants from the soil.

So these are a few steps you can follow and grow an amazing garden in your backyard. Don’t forget to water your garden regularly and if you can use a sprinkler that will be the best way of maintaining an even moisture. If you are growing vegetables or fruits, then there is very less room for mistakes. Awareness about the different aspect of gardening and consistent efforts will save your kitchen garden. Happy Gardening!!