Beer, most of us enjoy drinking it but do we know that brewing involves hell lot of water, around 6-8 gallons of water is used for producing just 1 gallon of beer. And the craft beer industry is growing at quite a fast pace. But with the increased production, there has been a significant increase in waste by-products like water.

Well to save the limited resource like water, many brewers and engineers are making efforts to create solutions for the re-use of waste water.

Stepping into this direction, San Diego‚Äôs Stone Brewery has made a new beer, Full Circle Pale Ale, made from the recycled wastewater. They are working in partnership with Pure Water San Diego, a water treatment company. And the beer prepared from the recycled water is not only clean but tasty too. Pure Water San Diego is hoping to recycle a third of San Diego’s total potable water supply by 2035.

People are skeptical about drinking beer crafted from recycled water but if we see the history of recycled water, it has a fairly clean track. Astronauts aboard the ISS survive solely on reclaimed water for several months with no ill effects. Most of the water recycling plants these days use multi-step filtration process to remove wastes and transform wastewater into the clean and potable water.

Waste2Watergy, a water treatment company is working in partnership with Widmer Brothers Brewing using a prototype that uses patented technology designed to clean wastewater and change it into electricity.

Pasteurization Technology Group (PTG) is another company trying to find solutions for craft brewers to be more efficient throughout the brewing process. They have a special system which disinfects wastewater while creating renewable energy. This technology can help in reducing heating and electricity costs in breweries by around 50 %.

Alaskan Brewing Co. is a perfect example of craft brewer using technology to transform waste by-products into steam which is used to run brewery machines.

There are remarkable efforts by the environmentally conscious beer brewers and it is equally rewarding for environment loving beer drinkers. So, say cheers!