PETA (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals) India is an animal rights organization based in Mumbai, which was founded in January 2000. It is affiliated with Animal Rahat, a non-profit organization that works towards the development of animals by providing them with health benefits and proper veterinary care. PETA India primarily concentrates on the areas where animals are tortured the most, such as food and leather industry, the entertainment industry, etc. Its efforts and investigative work have saved the lives of many animals and have improved the quality of life of several others.

Last year in September 2016, some activists of the Youth Front led by K M Mani killed around 10 stray dogs in Kottayam, Kerala. PETA wrote a letter to K M Mani and asked him to expel all the activists who were involved in the killing and take strict police action against them. PETA mentioned in the letter that cruel acts against animals show a psychological disorder and people who commit such cruelty goes on hurting children, women, and other people in the future. Therefore the activists involved must go through psychiatric counseling before rejoining. A police case was registered against the involved activists under Section 429 of the IPC.

Many Indian celebrities including John Abraham, Shilpa Shetty, Shahid Kapoor, Dia Mirza, R Madhavan, etc. are associated with PETA and support the campaign against the animal abuse and suffering. In 2016, Shahid Kapoor and Sonam Kapoor were chosen PETA India’s Hottest Vegetarian Celebrities. R Madhavan was featured in the video “Glass Walls” created by PETA that showed how animals are kept in the unhygienic environment and killed while they are still in the conscious state. PETA is trying to deliver the message through this video that if anyone who eats meat or meat products would see how the animals in the slaughterhouse are killed and cut openly would turn into a vegetarian.

Apart from fighting for the animal rights, there are some interesting unknown facts about PETA that many people don’t know.

  • PETA is pro-chicken meat as long as the meat is grown in the laboratory using animal stem cells to grow muscle tissue.
  • PETA has the record of largest animal adoption in the history, which is more than 26,000 animals.
  • In 2010, PETA won against NASA where NASA canceled $1.75 million study plan in which many squirrel monkeys would have been exposed to harmful radiations.
  • PETA’s emergency helpline is available 24*7 to help with the cases regarding animal abuse and suffering nationwide.
  • PETA has an advanced team of nanotechnology experts, molecular biologists, and environmental scientists working towards ending the animal testing in medical and cosmetic industries.
  • One of the PETA’s biggest campaigns is against killing animals for fur. In their ads, many celebrities have posed naked promoting the idea that they would rather go naked than wear fur.

PETA is creating awareness among the people to save the animal rights and fight against the animal suffering. It is the responsibility of every citizen across the globe to put efforts in making the world a better place for animals. Going vegan is one of the crucial steps we can take to stop the cruelty against animals. We should always remember the fact that animals are living beings just like humans and they too deserve a better and secure life like all of us.