Tesla is an automotive industry, solar panel manufacturer, and energy storage company based in Palo Alto, California. The company was founded in 2003 and focuses on electric cars, residential solar plants, and Lithium-ion battery energy storage. Tesla became famous in 2008 for the production of its first non-polluting electric sports car, Tesla Roadster. Since then Tesla is continuously working towards keeping the environment clean and green by maximizing the use of renewable sources of energy.

Las year in October, Tesla announced to build the astonishing solar roof tiles in collaboration with SolarCity, a company Tesla recently acquired. These solar roof tiles will not be covered with solar panels instead combined with Tesla’s battery storage technology through which homeowners could use solar power even at night. Tesla’s solar roof tiles will have the solar energy capabilities built into it. They will turn sunlight into electricity to be consumed immediately or for storage in a Powerwall battery.

In an event, Elon Musk, the CEO of Tesla said the solar roof tiles are made up of quartz and have an immeasurably great lifetime. They will be covered with a special coating that becomes transparent when observed closely but looks opaque when viewed from the ground level. These solar roof tiles will be highly efficient, look better, cost less, and last longer as compared to the regular solar panels. They will be available in four different designs, Tuscan Glass Tiles, Slate Glass Tiles, Textured Glass Tiles, and Smooth Glass Tiles to match with the different architectural style of houses. Tesla and SolarCity will jointly manufacture the roofing material, which will be capable of doubling up the power generation.

Tesla’s solar roof tile is the finest example of energy production using renewable resources that will save the environment from carbon emissions. This invention shows the commitment of Tesla to increase the world’s transformation to sustainable energy. It will create more opportunities for solar energy in the United States of America, which is one of the world’s biggest energy consumers.

The production of Tesla’s solar roof tiles will begin in the mid of 2017. Interested people can place the orders for solar tiles at Tesla store and get them installed the same day without any waiting period. Tesla holds a great reputation in the market as an excellent car manufacturer. This recent innovation will help the company in increasing the sales of solar roof tiles and help emerge as a leader in the solar technology field.