Considering the competitive environment of the tourism industry, the hotel industry giants are coming up with new ideas and innovation to attract tourist in their country. A recent example of this trend is the night floating pod hotel in Japan that is catching the attention of visitors from all over the globe. If you have seen the famous Hollywood movie ‘Cast Away’ and want to have an adventure like that plus all the luxury, then this latest innovation in Japan is the best deal for you.

Huis Ten Bosch, a Dutch village theme park has developed this unique floating facility in the Sasebo city of Nagasaki district. This floating pod hotel is a two storey spherical vessel with a maximum capacity of four people. While the tourist will be having their sweet night’s sleep, the vessel will travel around 6 kilometres (3.75 miles) and take its members to a journey of an uninhabited island facing Omura Bay. The island is owned by the park, and now they are planning to establish an adventure resort to attract the tourist. The trip will cost you around US$350, which is not expensive for capturing memories for a lifetime.

Along with the floating pod hotel, one can also enjoy the innovative theme park. The theme of the park is a “small Europe” that replicates Holland in the Middle Ages with its splendid canals, shops, restaurants, etc. Huis Ten Bosch is also famous for its flower festival and illumination kingdom celebration. The park is also opening a Henn-na Hotel, which will surprise its guests with its all machine staff. In this hotel, robots work as porters, front desk operators and cleaners instead of humans.

The theme park, Huis Ten Bosch also holds exciting events like Tulip Festival, a masquerade carnival, and a reptile museum. The park takes pride in its authentic life-size replicas of Dutch buildings, including the windmill, which gives the tourists a flavour of the Netherlands.

If you are planning a summer holiday abroad, then this place is worth giving a shot. With its European style theme, you will visit Europe while viewing the picturesque beauty of Japan. So, it will be a double treat as you will experience two different cultures while you pay just for one.