Taking care of the environment is equivalent to taking care of ourselves. A healthy and carbon-free environment provides the best living conditions for humans. Therefore, humankind needs to take some serious steps to sustain the healthy environment. People around the globe are doing their bit by adopting energy-saving options, reducing carbon emissions, and going green in whichever way possible. Many companies around the world have the workplaces enriched with the eco-friendly features. Let’s have a look at the best eco-friendly offices around the world.

Bank of America Tower

Bank of America Tower is one of the most efficient and eco-friendly buildings in the world. The whole building was created using the recycled raw materials from the city. There are big ceiling windows in the office rooms that provide adequate natural light and fresh air. They conserve the rain water and have their cogeneration plant that fulfills 70% of the building’s energy requirements. One of the excellent features of the building is its air filtration system that acts as an air filter for the New York by venting clear air into the city.


Google is the popular search engine known for solving people’s problem related to everything and anything around the globe. Another thing that Google is famous for is its inspirational and highly-efficient eco-friendly offices. All the Google offices around the world are equipped with plenty of windows and open areas for the constant supply of sunlight and fresh air. The outdoor area is surrounded by greenery, and the company encourages its employee to commute to the office by walking or biking.

Nike European Headquarters

Nike European Headquarters in the Netherlands is the finest example of conservation of natural resources within office campus. There are rainwater collectors installed on the roof of the building, which fulfills the water supply inside the toilets and garden areas. Water reservoirs are being heated and cooled through the natural environmental conditions that save the usage of electricity. One of the biggest achievements of the Nike is that they have used around 8,000 recycled shoes to create tennis and basketball courts.

PricewaterhouseCoopers Building

It is one of the most eco-friendly and sustainable buildings in the London. Fully equipped with the features of natural lighting, fresh air, water and energy consumption, the building has been rated outstanding by ‘BREEAM’, the widely used environmental assessment method for buildings. PricewaterhouseCoopers Building has an incorporated IT system through which employees can control the temperature and lighting in the workplace, which helps in conservation of energy. Solar thermal panels are installed in the building, and recycled cooking oil is used to produce 25% of the building’s energy.


Twitter has adopted an incredible idea to contribute in keeping the environment happy and healthy. They decided to Go Green with every development related to the workplace construction. The walls of the offices are painted with natural and compound-free colors, the furniture is based on eco-friendly fabrics, and all the tables are made from restored wood. The logo and decorative elements in the offices are also made using recycled wood and non-toxic paint.

All the examples mentioned above proves how the world is coming together to conserve the natural resources of the earth and making it a better place to live. We all must contribute to creating a healthy and sustainable environment for ourselves and the coming generation.