The advent of the Internet has made our lives much convenient and resourceful. You name it, and everything is readily available at your doorstep with the help of Internet. It has also reduced the burden of paperwork as the majority of the official work is digitized in offices. You can easily save all your important documents and files on the Internet and can access them anytime from anywhere in the world. Have you ever wondered how does the Internet do it? How does it save all our valuable data and make it available to us just by pushing a button? It is no magic but the servers that stores all the crucial information we update on the Internet.

Regular emails that you exchange, photographs that you update on Facebook and Instagram, every single search you run on Google, and daily videos you watch on YouTube, etc. all these internet activities include an enormous quantity of data that need to be stored somewhere. Servers are the place where internet websites and IT companies save their entire processed data. Besides being so useful, there are some obscure facts regarding IT company servers about how they are causing harm to the environment.

Thousands of servers of IT companies require a significant amount of energy to function. They are all powered by electricity. A large amount of global electricity is still generated through natural resources. The natural resources are on the verge of depletion to fulfill the increasing demand for energy. So, the more data we surf, download or upload on the Internet is to be filtered and transmitted through these servers that require more amount of energy. More consumption of electricity means more emission of greenhouse gases, which is hazardous to the environment. The increased greenhouse gas emission is resulting in global warming, ozone depletion, natural disasters, and changes in the growth level of plants and crops. All these effects are putting the humankind and the environment in the tight spot.

According to the research, data centres around the world are consuming around 3% of the global electricity and is responsible for 2% of total greenhouse gas emissions, which is equivalent to the carbon footprint of the airline industry. In the coming time, the amount of consumption of power by IT Company servers is going to increase exponentially, which will put a colossal burden on the global power system.

In the age of information revolution we can’t survive without the internet, but by using the IT resources judiciously, we can save ourselves from causing harm to the environment. Here we are not proposing an idea against digital revolution but trying to suggest a way towards sustainable development. Companies like Facebook, Google, etc. having robust and busy servers need to take some serious steps to ensure the minimum greenhouse emission. We need to strike a balance between growth and healthy survival in the age of technical advancement so that we can give a clean, green and healthy world to the posterity.