Wildlife of Australia is world famous for its biodiversity. Australia is among the 17 mega-diverse nations who are home to many species and their sub-species. The uniqueness of Australia’s biodiversity lies in the fact that 87 percent of mammals’ species and 93 percent of reptiles’ species are found exclusively in Australia. The richness of biodiversity of Australia also reflects on the interest of its celebrities and their love for animals. Celebrities has their unique way of showing their veneration towards animals, they either adopt them or use their money and fame to help conserving the wildlife. Today, I give you an insight into our Australian celebrities and their love for animals which have been garnering attention of the public.

  1. Miranda Kerr; is an Australian 33 years old model who loves dogs and is often spotted with her adorable Yorkshire terrier who she named ‘Frankie’. She often posts her photos with her adorable puppy on her social networking sites, instagram and twitter. Yorkshire terrier dog is small dog breed who aren’t tall in height but they look super adorable because of their terrier type appearance.
  2. Shane Watson; we all acknowledge Shane Watson for his contribution in Cricket but besides cricket he is very fond of dogs. He owns two Schnauzer Maltese dogs that he named as ‘Clappo’ and ‘Bobbi’.
  3. Cate Blanchett; the Hollywood beauty who is also an Australian celebrity owns a Tonkinese kitten who she affectionately calls Warwick and a dog called Snoopy. She has made her name to the list of celebs with pets in 2013.
  4. Yumi Stynes; is also an animal lover who owns an adorable, cute pet rabbit that she tenderly calls Ralphie. Earlier she also had a Pomeranian dog but her love and affection for rabbits has been widely known.
  5. Nicole Kidman; is another pet lover who possess an unusual taste when it comes to pets. She is no ordinary pet lover because her unique choice of pets has made her to pet an army of Alpacas in her Tennessee Farm. She also has interest in snakes and disclosed that she would love to pet them in future.
  6. Ellen DeGeneres; besides, Australian celebrities, American celebrity Ellen loves animals. The compassion and love that he holds for animals has achieved her great praise worldwide. She owns three cats and three dogs. The cats are called Charlie, George and Chairman and the pups is Wolf, a Maltese- poodle mix and Jack Russell mix Named Augie.
  7. Randeep Hooda; an Indian hunk and an established Bollywood actor have a unique choice in animals because he pets nine horses. He had adopted nine high breed horses that were dying of hunger.