Now, get ready to pack your pajamas while travelling.

JetBlue is giving its customers a unique way to boost themselves and conquer travel fatigue at no cost with 20-minute “Nap”-the optimal napping time or you can say a “JETNAP” in one of its new state-of-the-art napping pods at the JetBlue Terminal 5 hall, inside New York’s JFK Airport. It is the first commercial airline to introduce the EnergyPods to U.S. trippers.

Fatigue management solutions are accessible on first-come, first served basis to JetBlue regulars. These energy pods had already been set up in many offices, hospitals, universities and fitness centres across the globe. It gives an amazing chance to the travellers to take a short nap before boarding their flight.

JetBlue is always focused on making the experience comfortable for their patrons, both on and off the plane. They have found a way in which their clients can revive and regain their strength and can leave feeling rejuvenated to take on their journey.

JetNap is coloured in JetBlue’s signature colour and offers a confidential, calming and comfortable ambiance, perfect for snoozing. You can settle down in an ideal, gravity-neutral arrangement that will optimize your circulation and encourage a restful catnap. A privacy screen ensures unruffled isolation as comforting rhythms from the inbuilt speakers condense the airport’s bustle. Those who are resting can also plug in their own headphones. There are internal storage bins to protect personal items during nap. When it’s time to wake up, it gently wakes you with a wonderful blend of light, music, and vibration.
Isn’t it amazing?

Now after the flight travellers can feel something other than being travel-weary.

No doubt, the process of flying is very tiring, particularly if you have connecting flights or you have to cover a long distance. Standing in long queues, going through security checks, finding your gate, an exit and a good place to eat is sufficient to drain anybody.

So, it’s time to relax! Get excited about JetBlue’s gleaming new nap pods at JFK’s Terminal 5.

You don’t have to worry anymore, no alarms at all, get a cozy nap as the pods will automatically wake you up after 20-minutes!