The present millennium is considered to be the century of technologies and new scientific evolutions. Technology has touched each and every aspect of our lives; it has become an integral part of our life. And over the past ten years, I have noticed that it usage in studies, acquisition of knowledge and learning something new has increased immensely. Earlier we used spend a lot of time in libraries to get comprehensive knowledge of our subjects of interest but today the scenario has changed; and it has not just changed it has revolutionized and made it easy to acquire knowledge. Quora, Google ask, Reddit, Wikipedia, encyclopedia and many other technological social platforms have made the acquisition of knowledge easy and affordable. For example, on quora you can not only acquire knowledge but also share your experience with the world. Today with the help of social sites we just not only explore the world but also let the world to have an insight of our thoughts. YKA (youth ki awaz), being Indian and logical Indian are some of the widely used platforms to share, learn and gain your experience and knowledge. Online knowledge has become the most effective and easy way to explore, learn and communicate with the world.

We all know that online knowledge has come out as an auxiliary of offline and efficient knowledge but have we ever thought about why it has become an indispensible choice for most of us in no time. To this question, I have listed below some advantages of online knowledge;

  1. It is time saving and conveniently available to us through our phones, tablets, computers and laptops.
  2. It reaches to people in no time. You can publish articles and share your knowledge without any meritocracy. So here, the writer and the readers share a direct bond. Online writers do not have to wait much to get their articles published online.
  3. You can revolutionize the system and approach towards any subject through online posts and articles.
  4. You can follow your passion of writing and mint money from it as well. It has become a great source of minting money online. No matter what age, religion or nationality you possess, you can connect with the world directly and more efficiently.
  5. Today, the people who are not satisfied with their systematic 9-5 jobs can also pursue their dreams and passions through online exploring and connecting with the world.
  6. You as an individual can contribute and make a change in the world by sharing, exploring and giving your thoughts, experiences, good or bad.
  7. Here, you are not writing in passivity, online connecting with the world also helps you to modify, change and act on your beliefs as here, the views and remarks from readers are welcomed and venerated.
  8. You can see and explore the world with various perspectives as it helps to make an individual think globally, in short it expands your horizon of thinking and sharing.
  9. Hence, online knowledge has become an inevitable source of knowledge with so much of conveniences and comfort.