Do your colleagues or boss show gestures that they discreetly dislike you?

We all have bad habits. But they don’t inevitably make you an awful person—but as an employee, they can reflect poorly upon you, and even cost you your job.

A single bad habit is not likely to get you fired in a straight line, but the effect of it over a period of time can. People might notice one bad habit, which tempts them to keep an eagle’s eye to notice your other faults also. A bad habit can lead to seclusion in the office, which can affect everything from your performance evaluation to your knack to do your job.

Here’s what you could be doing all wrong that makes you look unprofessional:

Unpunctuality: Frequently arriving late to work, displays an outlook of smugness and carelessness. Whether you intend to or not, arriving late shows disregard to the office norms, as well as your co-workers who made an effort to arrive on time. So be prompt!

Social media obsession: Another common path to job loss is the habitual fascination that many employees have with social media. Some companies have taken measures to monitor their employees’ social media use, while others have blocked these sites completely. So be cautious! Spending excessive time on social media, not related to your work can cost you your job.

Bad body language habits: People must understand that actions speak louder than words. The majority of our communications are non-verbal. Co-workers, managers or clients may perceive some of your non-verbal communication habits as rude or unprofessional—and these things could eventually have a considerable impact on the progression of your career.

Poor grammar: When you hear someone using poor grammar, slang, or profanity, it translates into believing that person to be uneducated. Do not forget that you are not at home, or speaking with friends at a social gathering. Be on point by always assuming that your boss is in earshot.

Lone wolf syndrome: Habitual to do things your own way? That won’t work in the office. While independence is good in some situations, people who are team players experience more success at work. If you’re not seen as a team player, you won’t have the support of your colleagues when problems arise.

Temper tantrums: If you lose your temper, it is assumed that you cannot work well under pressure. Practice stress reduction techniques like meditation and never bring personal problems to work.

Foot-in-mouth syndrome: If you speak without thinking you must control it in the workplace. Saying something inappropriate in a meeting or an e-mail can prove to be a threat to your career.

Doing your makeup at your desk: Casual grooming in public is a poor idea. If you need a touch-up, head towards the washroom.

Swearing: Using foul words or questionable language is not only a bad habit, but is also considered unprofessional. Swearing demonstrates that you aren’t able to peacefully deal with a situation or extreme dilemma. Rather consider learning some new adjectives.

After reading this, take a look at yourself and ask others about your habits. If you do receive any feedback, take it seriously. Try to listen to the concern, and take some time to own it without defensively dismissing it.

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