The transport system in the cosmopolitan around the world is being reviewed and revised regularly. We have metros, sharing taxis, and lots of other modes to make the commuting easier than ever. The city of Dubai is very competitive when it comes to adopting innovative ideas. The cosmopolitan of Dubai has added a new feather in its cap by introducing flying taxi in the city.

This flying taxi is a flying drone that can take one passenger across the city. The flying taxi is an EHang 184 drone aircraft manufactured in China. The drone can take one person along with its belongings in an air journey of 23 minutes. According to the head of the Dubai transport agency, the self-flying taxi service will start from July this year. He further added that the agency has already experimented with the flying drone taxis in the skies of Dubai. The EHang Drone taxi was first unveiled at the Consumer Electronics Show in January 2016.

This Ehang drone taxi is powered by electricity, and the vehicle can travel around 31 miles with a weight of around 100 kg including passenger and its belongings. This drone takes 2 hours to charge fully and can pick-up the highest of around 63 miles an hour.

This taxi service runs through an app where passengers have to enter their destination in the app. The taxi then maps the route and takes the passenger to their destination. After landing, the propellers of this drone taxi folds inwards and can fit in a single car parking space. It can’t fly directly but can hop from one landing station to another. This vehicle has a security system, which prompts it to land in the nearest place in case of any malfunctions or disconnections in the control room.