Love relationships are an essential part of life. They fill your heart with affection, give you a person to speak your heart to and lend you a shoulder at hard times. But sometimes relationships arrive at a juncture that it becomes hard to carry them forward. They lose their essence and start becoming a burden on life. That is the time to consider breaking up and moving forward in life. We all know that break ups are awful, but not more than ruining your life while staying in a meaningless relationship. Here we are giving you some decent tips to break up with your girlfriend in a gentle way.

Always Choose the Right Place

It is crucial to consider an appropriate place for breaking up the sad news. Never do it at on a call, at a public place, social gathering or a restaurant. The situation may go out of your hand and land you in an embarrassing situation in front of family, friends or strangers. Always does it in a private place, face to face while keeping your cool. It will also help your girlfriend to think logically and understand the reasons for the breakup.

Timing Matters

Breaking up on your girlfriend’s birthday or your relationship anniversary is a big no no. Breakup in itself is heartbreaking; if done on personal occasions it could leave the other person devastated. So always consider the right timing to communicate the desire of separation.

Be Honest, Wisely

Instead of beating around the bush tell her the exact reasons why you want to get away from the relationship. Again, it does not mean you have to be rude and start listing down all her shortcomings. Do it wisely, like a gentleman!! Explain to her how a relationship without understanding and comfort is nothing but an unwanted baggage. And it is wise to get rid of that baggage for both of you, instead of carrying it all the way ahead.

Don’t Get Into A Fight, Maintain Dignity

Breakups are tough, and the situation may get heated up at times. Breakup news may come as a shock to your girl; she might lose her temper and start saying mean and provocative things. At that moment you need to keep your calm. Listen very quietly to whatever she says, just don’t react. Your composed behavior will cool down both the situation and girlfriend after some time.

Don’t Advertise It on Social Media

We all know how the Internet has taken over our life. We have forgotten to enjoy the beautiful moments offered in the platter of life and just want to capture them in our cameras to show it off to the entire world. Some people don’t know their limits and keep updating every teeny-tiny detail related to their relationships on Facebook. Some do it for public sympathy while others get rid of their anger. In any way, it is just useless. Your relationship is completely your business. Don’t declare your break up as a Facebook status or as a post on your girlfriend’s wall. It is stupid and inhuman. At least have the guts to tell it to her in person.

Stick to Your Decision

Breakups bring along sadness, anger, and tears. Your girlfriend might break down after hearing the news and plead you to come back. Falling weak to her tears and tantrums, you might think to get back in a relationship, but when the things repeat, you will regret your decision so very much. So pull yourself up, take a deep breath, and stay strong. Remind yourself that you broke up for a reason and it’s for the betterment of two of you and stick up for it.