It is definitely not a good thing to call someone stupid but unfortunately there are people who are great examples of stupidity who lack basic social skills and common sense big time.  Such people are never open to learning and undoubtedly make others life difficult. Some people even intentionally behave foolishly to make their friends or other people laugh. The biggest issue is that such stupid people end up hurting others, most of the times without realizing whether their actions are appropriate or inappropriate. It is such a difficult task to deal with such people.

The following professionals, unfortunately, have to deal with such stupid people regularly as part of their work.  You must have also encountered stupid people in your professional life. But do you have to deal with stupidity more than these professionals do?

IT professionals

IT professionals play a great role in helping us use a computer and other technology devices to make things easier. Today almost every company has its own IT department to help them make profits. The work of IT guys also entails dealing with stupid people. For eg a panicky colleague comes to seek help from an IT guy and tell him that something has gone wrong with his computer. And when the IT guy checks it, to his surprise he discovers that the technologically handicapped colleague has not switched on the computer CPU. No wonder at times these IT guys not only have to deal with stupidity but sheer stupidity.

Driving Instructors

Just imagine how tough it is for driving instructors, who are perfect drivers, to deal with the stupidity of the people who learn driving from them, especially those who are scared of driving. They often wonder at the level of intelligence of some people. For driving, there is no qualification required and nobody has to prove their capability to learn driving which unlike other courses. Poor driving instructors! Hats off to their patience level!

Customer Care Representatives

It is fun to work in a customer care department as you get to deal with very important clients too. However, on the flip side, you also have to deal with stupid clients. The customer care executives who work especially in call centers have to answer every question, no matter how stupid it is, and that too politely. No matter how stupid or ridiculous the caller is, the customer care representative can’t hang up their phones. What a tragedy!

Judges at talent shows

You must have watched several talents shown on TV. Scrutinizing the best talents is really a very tough job but in the process of finding that best talent the judges have to face some stupid people or jokers who have no great talent to show and still they come and participate in a talent show and perform terribly. Just imagine what torture the judges have to go through!


A stupid person is someone who lacks common sense or intelligence and teachers are those professionals who encounter stupid people the most. A teacher has to deal with a lot of students who learn but terribly fail to put that learning into practice and repeat the same mistakes again and again. And the irony is that the teachers still teach them. A salute to all the teachers for their hard work!

Well, it is no easy task to deal with the stupidity of any level. Someone has aptly said that common sense is not so common in people! Sometimes people’s stupid acts make us laugh and sometimes they can make you go mad.