With the revolution in the cyber world, we are now more connected to each other and have access to several operations, including banking, social media, online shopping, etc. We share our sensitive information with these companies with an assurance of confidentiality, but there is a constant risk of digital attacks that can ruin the secrecy of our digital account. The security programmers are always in a neck to neck fight with these hackers, but there are dire predictions about the cyber threats in the year 2017. The predictions claim that these attacks will aim for anything from political manipulation to financial gains.

According to the leading website on networking related issues, more cyber security activities happened in the year 2016 as compared to yesteryears. On September 2016, yahoo.com announced that at least 500 million of its accounts were hacked in 2014 by the state-sponsored actors. In November 2016, $81million was stolen in a cyberheist from a bank of Bangladesh, and around 19,000 emails were hacked from the US democratic national committee. These attacks suggest that hackers know no boundaries and digital data of every organization and individual is at high risk in the year 2017. Digital security programmers have predicted these potential threats in the coming time:

Changing the Stolen Data

As the hackers are using subtle ways of stealing data, they are finding out more ways to take advantage of these data. The nature of these security breaches has turned political from financial. Now they are capable of making changes in the stolen data to cause reputational damage to corporate companies or political personalities.

Threats of Ransomware

The technological advancement is facilitating the hackers as well. They have devised a new type of virus called ransomware, which encrypt the important files and these hackers ask for a hefty amount for their release. Hospitals are the prime targets of these hackers as they have sensitive data and medical records.

IoT (Internet of things) Devices Are at High Risk

The IoT devices are more prone to get hacked and controlled by miscreants. All the companies and individuals are now keen to embrace this technology in their offices and home. This technology interconnects all the devices and can be controlled through the internet. The hackers could break the code and take the control in their hands. The companies should keep the codes secure and take necessary steps to avoid any such cyber security breach.

The Vulnerability of Government Websites

The government of many countries in the world is now using websites to channelize their information. The shared information is highly sensitive; hence a lot of hackers try to crack down these data for political and military gains. Therefore, a strong security management is required to avoid any cyber-attack.

We can only imagine the damage these security breaches could do to our national security and personal lives. It is highly advisable to all the individuals to avoid public Wi-Fi while dealing with the official information like login and passwords. Always use a password with the combination of numbers, special characters, and alphabet that is difficult to guess. Companies and government department should alert their employees about the common mistakes that could assist a hacker. Further, they should set up a cyber-security department and think of getting an insurance cover regarding cyber security breach.