According to the popular perception “introverts are social misfits”, but as we dig deeper that is actually not the case. Introverts have this amazing quality of taking an inward journey and think quietly and energise themselves by spending time alone. Being an introvert doesn’t mean one is anti-social, shy or social misfit. It is just that being around big groups of people for a long period of time make them tired or uncomfortable.

In fact, according to research people with liking for spending some time alone are tend to be excellent listeners, more receptive and good leaders and can even look more competent than extroverts at work.

However, there is nothing wrong about being an introvert but sometimes it is also important to go out with friends, build professional relations, socialize with people, expand network etc. Well, at times one needs to go out of one’s comfort zone to have good relations, to make one’s loved ones happy and for career growth too.

Here are some useful and effective tips for introverts:

Just take the plunge!!

If you find interacting with people in person difficult, then start with engaging with people on social media like Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn. It will help you come out of your comfort zone and build a comfort level with people. Push yourself a bit! Take your uncomfortable situations as challenges and adventure rather than a problem.

Loosen up and be comfortable

Before you go for asocial gathering or meeting take some time out to relax and calm down. You can even watch a funny show or a movie to uplift your life condition and be in happy state of mind. The happy state will give positive vibes to others and help you strike conversation with a lot more ease.

Make small goals

Interact with one unknown person every day! Push yourself to go and meet at least one new person every day or alternate day at work place or in any social setting. After all it is not that difficult a task, right? By doing so, you will build self confidence and will move in the direction of growth.

Don’t shy away from taking help

It is always a good idea to take help of your friends and it is all the more good to have an at least one close friend who is an extrovert. You can go out with them to events and social gatherings which you avoid otherwise. And when you are out with them keep a smile on your face and be confident.

Don’t give in to fear

It’s ok if you feel nervous but still keep taking that one step forward. Just like learning any other skill, developing socializing skills also take time and practice. Do it anyway!

Show interest in others

While interacting with people show interest in them, asking them about their life as it makes people feel you are a good listener as well as a conversationalist. If you ever find yourself in an uncomfortable situation, this tip is your saviour! This takes the attention off you.

Don’t think too much!

You don’t need to think too hard about you being an introvert or extrovert. Each person is unique and there is not need to have that black or white, introvert or extrovert label to your personality. Take it easy.

So if you feel you are an introvert, you don’t need to worry. Stretch your boundaries by taking baby steps and in no time you will see great results. Be yourself, while moving in a direction to maintain social ties.