Gone are the days when romantic relationship was all about dating a real girlfriend/boyfriend. With the advent of the technological age and its progression, romantic relationship has changed from “real” to “virtual”. And the fact is that people are enjoying it!

Her name is Azumi Hikari. She is 20 years old, 158 cm tall and very sweet. She loves donuts and anime. She specializes in making fried eggs. She doesn’t like insects. She wears short skirt. She dreams to be a heroine to help people who are working hard. Sounds like she is a girl alive and kicking but hold on, she is a new breed of virtual assistant.

A Japanese startup called Gatebox has created a high-priced hologram digital assistant that’s exclusively designed to provide companionship to people who live alone. She is a 3D anime character designed to be a pseudo girlfriend who can help you in several ways. Her house is a high tech glass box that looks like a fashionable coffee machine.

She can control household appliances and other devices and can even make suggestions like, “It is going to be hot today, carry your umbrella.” It is quite like other virtual assistants, such as Google Home or Amazon Echo. But what makes her different from the other virtual assistants is that she takes pride in playing the role of a girlfriend for her “master.” Gatebox’s website says: “She is a comforting character [who] is great to those living alone. She will always do all she can – just for the owner.”

One of the interesting things about the cute Hikari is that seemingly she is capable of making her own judgement and talk interacts with her master in a healing voice. She is also smart enough to recognise your patterns and habits and adapts to your schedule.

Another highlight of this virtual assistant cum girlfriend is that she is tailored with a special messaging app so that you can stay in contact with her when you are not around.

According to the website of Gatebox Hikari is voiced by young Japanese actress Yuka Hiyamizu, can connect to a computer through a HDMI cable. “You can watch movie contents, create original characters, or even just use for your own pleasure”, the website reads. One can imagine for what all purposes she can be used!

Azumi Hikari, the virtual assistant will be made available in the market in December 2017. But the good news is that one can pre-order it by the end of January 2017 on the company’s website. The machine costs 298,000 yen ($2,526.60), not including tax, which is much higher than the cost of other virtual assistants (Amazon’s Echo costs $179.99 while the Google Home retails for $129) available in the market. But what makes Azumi Hikari unique and costly is that it is specially made for people who are looking for companionship.

If you feel lonely and are looking for a girlfriend who can assist you in many ways, Azumi Hikari can be the best bet for you!